The Geometry of the Trinity


In the beginning, there is a point, a position in space– an identity, if you will.  A point has no dimension–no height, no length, no depth, no definition.  It simply is.  We’ll call the point God.  But that name is only the beginnning.

From the point we can draw out the first dimension, a line.  A line in its purest sense has no width, only length.  When we represent a line on a piece of paper, naturally the pencil mark has a width, but the line itself does not.  It only has length, and as such cannot actually be seen.  A line is invisible and goes on forever in both directions.  We will call that Spirit.

When you add another dimension to a line, it becomes a plane.  A plane is flat, perfectly flat.  If you look at a flat picture, you get an idea what the actual object is like, but no matter how distinctly the picture is portrayed, you still cannot see the depth, you cannot feel the object.  Even though a plane, like a line, goes on forever, it still cannot be handled.  This plane, the second dimension, is God the Father.  It’s a picture that shows many details, but not something we can touch.

The third dimension, of course, adds the depth.  It adds body and texture and makes the object more real to us.  When God sent the Son to earth, he was the living, breathing, 3D God!  A God we could touch, who lived as we do, who became a human being, who suffered our sorrows, who actually died…for us.

If you notice, each dimension actually sets more limits.  The first and second dimension still have limitless aspects:  the length of the line and the area of the plane cannot be defined.  A three-dimensional object, on the other hand?  That we can wrap our brains around.  We can measure it, we can weigh it, we can explain it.  It’s hard to comprehend that God would allow himself to be defined like that, to be given boundaries.  How incredible that he chose, for a time, to limit himself into one of these pitiful bodies, just so we could see him, handle him, so that we could realize his love for us.  Does that make our Savior, who was both God and a man, any less of a God?  Not at all.

2000 years have gone by since the day our 3D God left this earth, but he is still just as real today as he was then.  And he will remain just the same millions of years from now, after time has lost its meaning.  Many say that the fourth dimension is time, but I believe that HE transcends any concept that we have been able to define.  He is in another dimension which we do not understand, which has no boundaries.  There is no height, no depth, no breadth which can contain him.  He is limitless in ALL directions.

This great God.  How infinite.  How amazing. 



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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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