Is the Swine Flu Scare Another Scam? (edited)


Okay, so there have been about 65 cases of swine flu in the US so far.  None of them has been fatal.  But according to this article , Obama would like to allocate $1.5 billion (yes, that’s Billion with a “B”) to fight it. 

Excuse me??  I mean, I realize that it is a concern, but the fact is that the regular old garden variety of flu kills around 3000 people every month!  (LINK )

Might we just possibly be overreacting?

Is this another attempt, like global warming, to play on people’s fears so as to increase our debt even more? 

For more on swine flu, go to Shamelessly Red’s site here  and for breaking news on martial law possibly being imposed through this scam, check out her update here 



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11 Responses to Is the Swine Flu Scare Another Scam? (edited)

  1. I think it is a scam

  2. mrcolorful says:

    Its the Obama & Co playbook, find a crisis or failing that, manufacture a crisis, and then use the crisis to force through massive intervention into and control over people’s lives.

  3. Are you my twin?  I just read that CNN article seconds before I opened this!  Not to mention reading up on CDC few minutes ago.  I’m not scared.  Concerned, yes, but only on how the effects of other people’s reaction may have on my daily living.  I’m struggling with chest cold (can’t memorize how to spell that ‘b’ word).  Flu coughs.  Chest cold coughs.  All us girls coughs.  Can people tell the difference?  No, so I stayed home.  Already missed church, master gardener meeting, and preschool story hour.  My dh stayed home and rested since he woke up with chills and done emesis (keeping in mind that his boss traveled three weeks ago).  We are cautious but putting our full trust in God.  What is getting me is how the FEAR works among people who doesn’t understand.

  4. fwren says:

    Seems a little overdone already ~ who knows ~

  5. As you wrote, yes, it’s a concern.  But I think obama is using it for more power. 

  6. WHO just raised the threat level to a 5. Which means that a  “pandemic outbreak is eminent”*rolling eyes*msnbc is reporting that mexico and the US are reporting deaths. (emphasis on the plural “s”) One death on american soil- and the person was not American, but Mexican. His parents brought him here for medical treatment b/c he contracted the flu in mexico. It’s political propoganda pure and simple

  7. @ShamelesslyRed – I like the fact that the World Health Organization has only confirmed SEVEN deaths, and ALL were in Mexico.

  8. Dburr042 says:

    They can’t let a “crisis” go to waste. Milk it for all it’s “worth”.

  9. SARSMad Cow DiseaseMRSAWest Nile Virus..  remember they were all gonna be the next plague.. ?         in my opinion, the media is shameless & irresponsible when they incite the public with around-the-clock coverage of these (relatively minor) health anamolies.. while they were tryin to scare the hell out of us with a handful of Mad Cow Disease deaths, thousands & thousands of people were dying from AIDS, malaria, heart disease, food poisoning, etc.. but we don’t hear about those deaths in sensational terms ?

  10. mammaquiet says:

    The media is always a circus.

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