Life in a Muslim Country?



So according to this, it won’t be long until we’re living in a Muslim nation.  If time lasts, that is.  So tell me, what does that mean to you?  Will our children be living under Sharia law?  I just read an article on burqas the other day–most women I know aren’t too excited about the prospect of wearing one.  So what are we doing about it, people?

I thought it was interesting that the much-maligned Latinos have actually raised our national fertility rate to a sustainable level.  Good for them!    I also think it’s fascinating how many people in the world still believe all the hoopla about overpopulation, when it’s becoming more and more obvious that we’re going to have to radically change our lifestyles if fertility rates don’t come back up.



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6 Responses to Life in a Muslim Country?

  1. BooksForMe says:

    This is seriously sobering.  I’m not sure what to think.  

  2. Anonymous says:

    Start packing, making babies, and evangelizing. It isn’t the fault of the Muslims. It is a degraded post-christian western culture gone astray. Fear mongering is no particular solution to this. More Muslims? Then its time to get some balls to share the gospel with them. 

  3. homefire says:

    @DailyConstruct@revelife – No one said it WAS the Muslims’ fault.  It’s simply facts!  And of course the only way to combat it is to evangelize–that’s the answer I hoped for  though I really don’t think there was any need to be crass about it.

  4. mejicojohn says:

    well,, hahahaha,,, dont blame me, ive done my share,,, unfortunately for you,,, ive taken most of my share and moved to mexico.the best bet for the us would be,,, throw open the southern border and invite all who want to come,,,,uh,,, just dont bring your culture south,,, i moved here to get away from it….it does make me wonder,,, whos behind all this anti mexican rhetoric out there,,, hmmm,,, could it be muslims?whoever it is,,, they seem to have the numbers behind them,,,,stop for a second and ask yourself,,,, why exactly would mejicojohn be mejicojohn???being a fully certified gringo with no trace of hispanic blood in his veins and in no trouble in the u.s.,,,,, and an ex texas peace officer???maybe im crazy,,,,, maybe im not,,,, ok,,, i may be part monkey,,,

  5. mcbery says:

    I heard about Europe being concerned about their population. Don’t the people realize they are killing off many potential voters with liberal abortion policies? Sad. When people try to fix things and forget God it creates chaos. I agree, Christians should have families and bring our nations back to God.

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