So Does It Exist If There’s Not a Word For It?


It is a principle in ancient Hebrew that any concept for which no Hebrew word exists does not itself exist.  The language of Hebrew is considered to be the Lord’s language and thus perfect.  Obviously, words do not exist in a 3,000 year old language for recent technological advances such as nuclear reactor and high-speed Internet connection.  However, when words do not exist for timeless human concepts, it is an indicator that those concepts are not real.

One such concept is coincidence.  It is literally no coincidence that ancient Hebrew does not recognize the concept of coincidence.  In a Judaic view of reality, nothing just happens in total isolation, all by itself.  Every event is tied to earlier events as it is to subsequent consequences.  Even admitting the word coincidence to your personal lexicon misleads you into occasionally viewing events as, well, coincidences, instead of understanding them accurately to be links in a chain of occurrences.

                                     ~Rabbi Daniel Lapin

This reminds me of “If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?”   

Tomorrow I’ll post a continuation of this that is really interesting to me.



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