Welcome, Baby!


We have been blessed with a granddaughter.

Amy Rose

Amy Rose small

Born 10:24 pm, Thursday, April 9, 2009 at home

7 lb. 12 oz.   20 3/4 inches

Isn’t she just beautiful???    Praising God for his goodness! 


I don’t have any pictures except this.  The rest are on my daughter’s camera.  We’ve been very busy.  A couple hours after Amy was born, the midwives advised that she go to the hospital to be checked out.  She  wouldn’t really try to nurse, had a very purplish color and didn’t have very good muscle tone.  So around 1 am, we drove them to the hospital and spent the rest of the night in ER.  They gave her oxygen, did blood tests and a chest x-ray.  The oxygen made a huge difference, and soon she was acting much better, looking pinker, and much less floppy. The pediatrician advised putting her on IV antibiotic since her blood counts showed that there was a possibility of infection in her body.  The next morning she was moved to a larger hospital with a great neonatal unit, and has been steadily improving ever since.  Yesterday afternoon she nursed for the first time and did wonderfully, which was a huge relief.  This morning she was taken out of the incubator and put in a regular crib.  She has been weaned off her oxygen now and she is doing fine without it.   They are hoping to move her out of NICU and into an intermediate nursery today.  When her round of antibiotics is finished, which should be late tonight, hopefully she will be able to come home.  Today her very, very tired daddy and mommy are resting and rejoicing and enjoying their baby.  God is so good! 



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17 Responses to Welcome, Baby!

  1. Hutch5 says:

    oh congratulations!!! she is precious. love the name. praying she’ll be able to come home soon~{{hugs}}

  2. So beautiful! Isn’t it wonderful that we have the option of a home birth but the help of doctors when we need?  May God’s hand be upon your sweet granddaughter, and may her life be marked with the grace of the Lord and His compassion. 

  3. Awww… A beautiful little baby girl. : )  Praying for good health and a speedy trip back safe and sound at home in her own little crib.  : )   Our dd23, Marianna, her name is Rose too!  Congratulations and praises to the Lord!

  4. cerwindoris says:

    Congratulations!  Amy Rose is beautiful.

  5. CaliRosie says:

    Congratulations to the new Grandma! 🙂 She’s a precious little girl! Hoping for a speedy recovery and then a peaceful transition back into life at home with a baby. 🙂 So glad to get to read your update! Thanks! 

  6. fwren says:

    She’s gorgeous ~ just cute as a button.  Congratulations Grandma!!  Isn’t that the neatest thing ~ to be a grandma? 

  7. lglavy says:

    Oh We are praising the Lord with you !  What a blessing grandchildren are-it is just amazing to watch your children parent!!

  8. QMTJ says:

    Congratulations!  Welcome to the Grandma Club!  🙂  We are a very elite group with blessings overflowing.  Glad everything turned out ok.  Praying for all to be home, healthy and happy.  Love, Q.’

  9. Anonymous says:

    A great big congratulations!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Beyond my comprehension, that beautiful you two could possibly be grandparents!!!

  11. LifesStrides says:

    She’s a doll!!  Congrats to you all!!!

  12. robinbritt says:

    CONGRATULATIONS She is just adorable

  13. P_Obrien says:

    She is wonderful. Congratulations.

  14. Anonymous says:

    gorgeous!! many blessings to amy.

  15. Congratulations!!!  I’m so happy to hear of homebirths, it’s great to see the medical profession used when it’s needed, not when it’s not.  (Did that make sense?)  Anyway, I hope she’s able to come home soon so they can properly enjoy their babymoon!

  16. sunshine1939 says:

    Congratulations Grandpa and Grandma!!!!  So glad for all the up dates on little Amy Rose~~~PTL she is doing so much better. What a blessing all these little ones are!!!

  17. the_grat says:

    CONGRATULATIONS !  that is so incredibly NICE !she looks cute (of course).  i’m very happy for you, and wish her parents the very best !

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