We have made mistakes with our children, which will undoubtedly become clearer as they get old enough to write their own books.

Clearly other women have coped better than I can.  All the time I find myself ruminating about Longfellow’s “The Children’s Hour.”  If I grasp this poem correctly, Longfellow didn’t lay eyes on those kids until sometime “between the dark and the daylight when the night is beginning to lower.”  I take that to be about five-thirty (depending on the time of year.)   Wasn’t that Mrs. Longfellow a marvel to keep those children out of his hair all day long?  Remember, he worked at home.  I can see it may have been easy enough with Grave Alice.  But what about that Laughing Allegra?  Can’t you just hear her?  I’d have been out in that den saying, “Henry Wadsworth, you watch Laughing Allegra for an hour!” 

                           ~Jean Kerr

Jean Kerr is one of my favorite female humorous authors.  I just had to post this since “The Children’s Hour” has been one of my favorite poems for years, and since perelandra30 posted it recently.



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One Response to Parenting

  1. mamaglop says:

    I remember admiring Jean Kerr for writing with small children. Isn’t she the one who took her typewriter into the car in the driveway to write?

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