Do U Face 2 Face?

Zits Cartoon for 03/08/2009


Thanks to BooksForMe  for recommending this.  It went so perfectly with the post  I did a few days ago. 

After talking to another friend, I decided to talk about cell phones some more.  She mentioned that they were at a a skating rink recently and noticed that every time one of the kids wasn’t busy, they had their phones out.

It made me realize that perhaps the cell phone has become the teenage security blanket.  Even if everyone is ignoring you, you can still pull out your phone and talk to someone.  No matter where you are or how awkward or boring the situation, you don’t have to be alone anymore.  Even if these people here don’t appreciate you, you have other friends to talk to.  In fact, you’re so busy talking to all your friends that you hardly have time to notice these jerks around you.

I know that I have at times found things to be “busy” with when I felt lonely and conspicuous.  Do you think that phones can serve the same purpose?  

I happened onto a blog of a teenage girl that quoted a line from a  song about being afraid of the silence ’cause it screams the truth.  She dreads falling asleep at night because in the silence before sleep, she thinks of all kinds of things–problems, mistakes she’s made, and she hates it. 

Is that why so many people must have music or TV in the background all the time–because they’re afraid of the silence?  Afraid of the truth in the silence?  Is that why some people are constantly fiddling with cell phones–because they’re afraid of what they will learn in the silence? 

I think silence and stillness are important to a person’s development.  Are we robbing our kids of the art of contemplation, and allowing them to avoid facing themselves?  Are WE scared of the quiet?  If so, what truth are we avoiding?


Edit:  I just realized what that truth may be~~~

Be still and know that I am God…  Psalm 46:10


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10 Responses to Do U Face 2 Face?

  1. mrcolorful says:

    I never understood the concept of texting.  It bothers me how much people use it.I think that with today’s kids, silence is scary to them because it is something they have never experienced in any significant way and have never really heard anything about.  Thus they are scared of it in much the same they would be scared of driving the first time if you took away the excitement or they might have been on their first day of kindergarten.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thot provoking. I love the ‘sound of silence’, never thot about our children not liking it.I love txting. It’s easy, quiet and I can remind people of something without calling; you can send a pic from where ever you are to family where ever they are, and it’s quiet and fun! But, that it fills in the dull moments…hmmmm.I’m more worried about the Pastor that was shot in IL. That could happen anywhere, any time. My heart breaks for all the laity that had to witness it. Imagine it happening at your meeting yesterday!

  3. LifesStrides says:

    I’m 36 and I would say that sometimes I prefer to text over talking.  There are people that I can talk to on the phone for hours at a time but when I’m not in the mood to stay on the phone, I’ll text.  Short and sweet.  Point made.  And I don’t necessarily have to answer back right that second.  LOL  Other than that, I’m not quite sure how to use ALL the features on my phone and it’s basically for when we’re out and about and it’s convenient for my husband or others to get a hold of me when they can’t reach me at home.  I definately don’t text when the person is in the same house/place (unless I don’t want others that are around me to hear what I have to say and I can’t get away to do so……which is VERY rare)My neice, who just turned 13 last week, is just dying to have a phone.  She doesn’t really go anywhere yet with her friends (most of them live close to her–within walking distance) and I asked her what was her need to have one?  Just because everyone else has one?  Of course, this is what it’s all about.  She has to have what everyone else has to feel needed or in with the latest trend so that she’ll fit in with her group of friends and everyone else for that matter.  She wanted me to buy her one for her birthday and I flat out said NO.  My nephew, her brother–19 years old.  He is NEVER without his phone.  He falls asleep with it in his hands.  He tells us that he “needs” his phone.  What if they break down or need help?  Well, there are pay phones or other means to make a call.  HOW the heck does he think we did it when we were younger?  He just laughs.  I don’t think it’s as much as a “I’m alone and bored” thing as much as it’s, “I want to be in the in crowd, everyone else has one” issue.  I don’t know about you, but I enjoy silence!  Most likely because I have a totally energetic 4 year old who likes to talk A LOT.  But if it is that they are afraid of silence and the truth, WHY DON’T THEY FACE IT??  Silence gives me a time to reflect and come up with solutions to issues!  It also gives me the ability to get all the “junk” out of my head instead of having it so busy all the time!Having a cell phone makes them feel important!  I could care less about having one.  I’m won’t lie….it’s totally convenient.  I think that technology has made us so lazy.  It’s probably why USA has the highest rate of obesity–technology.But it’s also the parents.  (*Note: This next paragraph may not apply to all parents, but it certainly does a majority, I feel.)No time for their kids.  There’s no “family” in family anymore.  Parents don’t do anything with their kids.  Everyone is always in a hurry to do something other than spending time with their families!  Parents give in to their kids “needs” of having a phone because most don’t want to listen to them whine and most don’t care because they don’t have to occupy the kids themselves!I don’t know what will be around when my daughter grows up a bit.  But she won’t be getting a cell phone.  Hopefully, I can instill good creativity in her mind and she won’t feel the need to have something like that.Sorry….the phone thing hit a nerve and I just went off about everything on my mind about it.  LOL

  4. homefire says:

    @viewinghuijia – I had some thoughts about that pastor, too…maybe it’s worth another post. 

  5. homefire says:

    @JeezolPeats – Thanks for all that!    I think you’re so right.  It’s just so ubiquitous that anyone without a phone…wants one!  Our kids got cell phones when they started driving alone, which of course made sense at the time, but it was amazing how quickly they became a focus point of their lives.  Dd wasn’t quite so bad as our 17 yr old son.  He is never without his cell phone.  He doesn’t talk on it that much, but he texts, and he gets word definitions from Google (rather than actually using a dictionary) and he uses it for a calculator and a calendar and an alarm clock and memos to himself.  He’s quick to point out all the useful things about it, but it bugs me that the thing practically glued to his hand.  I don’t think my kids are afraid of silence, but I can definitely see how easy it has become to avoid quiet, and how harmful it can be.

  6. fwren says:

    Very interesting stuff here, girlfriend.  I love silence, but then again, sometimes, I just want voices or something too.  I do think too many people don’t have enough silence in their lives and could use some real quiet time to think, but maybe that is part of it ~ people don’t want to have to think anymore ~

  7. QMTJ says:

    I hate the phone.  Bah!My discipleship training lesson this next Sunday is the spiritual discipline of “Solitude and Silence”.  And interestingly enough my husband’s sermon for next Sunday night is Revelation 8:1 “Silence in Heaven”.  We didn’t plan it that way……but God did.  đŸ™‚  Love it when He does that!Blessings…..Q.’

  8. What a perfect verse. I need that for my insomnia!! Blessings,Renee

  9. lookin4Jesus says:

    Good thoughts; I think you hit it right with the fact that too many people don’t want silence as they can’t face the “possibility” there’s a God and they don’t want to think about the future, whatever. I’m not just talking about cell phones, but constant music and noise. I think it’s a ploy by Satan so people won’t think. Texting does get in your blood; it’s the best way to communicate with our ds. He rarely answers the phone.

  10. Pensamientos says:

    I don’t think it’s so much a fear of the silence as a fear of boredom.

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