I am SO glad to be home

We just got back from a trip to town, and I am thankful to be here.  The weather is NASTY!  It’s snowing hard and “slicker than calf slobber,” as my dh says.  We got about halfway home and came upon a vehicle upside-down in the median.  So my heroic husband jumped out to help.  It turned out that the lady was unhurt, but she was a doctor and had a big box of medical records that were thrown everywhere.  So he helped her crawl around in the snow under the inverted truck bed and retrieve them. 

It was one of those drives that make you tense because you can’t see and you don’t have a clue whether there’s anyone stopped in the road in front of you.  And now my son has arrived home, too, praise the Lord!  Definitely a good night to stay in by the fire.


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4 Responses to I am SO glad to be home

  1. Hutch5 says:

    oh wow! glad you made it safe!!! and good for your husband jumping out to help.. seems these days more ppl drive by and look, then help. have a great Sunday staying by that fire and being cozy! =D

  2. strype53 says:

    Driving in snow is never fun!

  3. homefire says:

    @Hutch5 – You know, I was amazed–probably 6-8 vehicles stopped to help.  Seems like so many times no one does, but this time they did.  Not sure if it was the fact that it was Sat. afternoon (no deadlines) or because the weather was so bad and no one should be out in the snow or wind, but people came through.  Most of them just stood back and watched, but at least they stopped to check!

  4. fwren says:

    Somehow the snow just isn’t as beautiful to us in February as it is in December, is it?  The cold and snow and wind is really beginning to wear on me ~

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