These Tough Economic Times


Today I was reading a newsletter (yes, the same one that I made fun of recently ) and there was an article that was so good that I think everyone should read it.  Here is an excerpt:

On a home shopping show they were selling American Girl dolls for $135. The woman selling it said “Kit is our most popular doll.”

The other woman said “That is probably because Kit represents the Depression Era and girls nowadays relate so well to that because they have to sacrifice and give up so many things in these hard economic times.” They sold out of the doll. This meant several thousand of these poor little girls who have had to give up so much received a $135 doll for Christmas. What was it they had to sacrifice? Maybe it was the $25 outfits that went with the doll.

I thought this article  brought out some things that have niggled at me, though I have never expressed it nearly so well.  We in America are so very well-off and so accustomed to having everything as we want it that we hardly know what it IS to sacrifice. 

What does sacrifice mean to you?  Downsizing the addition you’re planning to put on your house?  Putting off the landscaping until next year?  Giving up that trip to Hawaii?  Buying less jewelry?  Buying designer clothing on sale?

Or is it working three jobs so that your family has food, clothing, and shelter?  Walking a mile with heavy buckets to get your family safe drinking water?

Sometimes I wonder…do we even have a clue what “tough” means?




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8 Responses to These Tough Economic Times

  1. fwren says:

    You changed your site!!!  It’s awesome!  And your profile pic ~ sooooo sweet!    And no, we really don’t have a clue what tough is.  As I understand it, the auto companies that the US is bailing out ~ the employees make $75 an hour ~ so our hubbies get to work for a fraction of that to pay those peoples’ wages now ~ sad, huh?

  2. homefire says:

    @fwren – Glad you like it.    Yeah, don’t get me started on the auto bailout.  I am pretty much sick of hearing how tough they have it.  If the workers won’t take a pay cut to keep their company afloat, then I can’t be all that sympathetic, and they don’t stinkin’ deserve any bailout!  If my dh made a fourth of their salary and benefits, we’d be RICH!

  3. mrcolorful says:

    Americans refuse to sacrifice anything.  Yes some people are losing their houses now but for the most part those people are the fools who were living beyond their means and had bought everything on credit because they couldn’t bring themselves to sacrifice and give up that big screen tv for a  more practical one and couldn’t give up that new luxury car every year.  The workers want the government to force their employees to pay them more so they can take on more debt.  Nobody even thinks about saving money or donating it or anything anymore.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  The US needs a recession and it needs it bad.

  4. BooksForMe says:

    Well, I know we had our eyes opened when the Lord cut our income to a 1/4 of what it had been.  We really learned how wasteful we had been, and much we really have.  Even at 1/4 the income, we are still rich.

  5. samcgarber says:

    I know first hand that Polly Pockets and an American Doll do not bring satisfaction.  There must also be a Barbie.  Then Kol only knows what else.  Also two tractors, a pickup truck, and a dozer, farm animals, a barn, a Melissa & Doug trains set, blocks, and Speed & Max Racer cars are not enough.  There must be a combine too.  Only Asher knows what the next big need will be.  Only Tov is satisfied with scrap paper.  I heard once that a stick, yes, from the polsters, a stick fallen from some dieing part of a tree is a childs favorite toy.  Yay for capitalism and market share!    

  6. homefire says:

    @samcgarber – Ah, what a fun stage you’re in!    About the stick…that can be so true.  There is more play value in something simple, just because it can be whatever they want it to be.  One that I love is a big cardboard box, which can become pretty much anything–a boat, a train, a turtle shell, an elephant.  I distinctly remember when one of my nephews unwrapped a Christmas present, and crowed delightedly, “a BOX!”  He was thrilled, and hadn’t even realized that there was something else inside! 

  7. What does that “tough” means?  Having to FIGHT for most basest necessity of survival.  Telephone/cellphone, microwave, ipod, TV, and a few more is NOT needed for true survival.  My dh have almost 6 figure income but that doesn’t mean we have more freedom to spend whatever we want.  I’m still live as if we’re poor according to some people!  I still could do better.  In fact, I’ve been looking hard at my shopping list to see very critical at ‘want’ vs ‘need’.  I’d rather to see our excess to build up so we’d have more to give to church, MDS, Galiean Home, and such likes.  It does help a lot that I have almost no desire to “keep up with Smith & Jones”!!Huh, I just now read that article you mentioned….  those are true poor ‘rich’ people.  So selfish!!  I geninuely don’t believe that we are in HARD time yet!  Not like these Great Depressions from 1930’s.  These people brought it on themselves (think of that lady who lost one of part time job and may loose their home and yet continue live highly).  This recession is forcing most people to think again of how they handle money.  So, it will take time for us ALL to reach a new acceptable normal of lifestyle.GM was mentioned… my dad is a retired GM worker.  My parents are definately NOT rich at all.  In fact I am concerned whenever I hear that GM pension and health insurance may be affected…. that’d be where it will hit my parent hard.  Yes, they could manage money better but I have no say.

  8. dotmarie says:

    oh please. These poor deprived kids. How nice that they can get a $135 doll to relate to. I know about sacrifice; I never even HAD an American Girl Doll. It was a pretty rough childhood, let me tell you. Beautiful new look here…it’s so you. And what a cute profile pic 🙂

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