So Food Stamps Aren’t Welfare?


Evidently the mother of the famous octuplets didn’t think that food stamps were welfare.  She declared that she wasn’t on welfare, but oh, yeah, she does recieve $490/mo of food stamps.  And it seems that she also receives disability payments for three of her children.  Her publicist said food stamps and disability “are part of programs designed to help people with need, and she does not see that as welfare.”

I wonder exactly what she does see as welfare?

And I keep wondering what kind of an idiot doctor would artifically inseminate a woman with no income, no home, and a history of mental instability?  And why he even went beyond the call of duty to implant about twice the usual number of embryos??

This whole story is so absurd that it’s hard to even believe it’s happening.

I can’t help feeling very sorry for this woman’s children.  They are not responsible for the horrible situation they have been born into.



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8 Responses to So Food Stamps Aren’t Welfare?

  1. gokellyjo says:

    Those kids certainly need our prayer.

  2. fwren says:

    and I feel sorry for the grandparents!

  3. joy4jesus424 says:

    Don’t even get me started on this one!!!! My blood pressure rises a few degrees every time I think of it. Nicole says the subject keeps coming up in some of her classes and some people argue that the woman has the right to do what she wants. If it was just her I may agree, but it’s not just about her; it’s about bringing 8 little children, who have no say in the matter, into this world. And, by the way, guess who’s paying for the whole thing. Yep! We, the people! I believe that doctor must be held accountable. Everything I’ve heard and read says that hardly ever do they implant more than 2; on VERY rare occasions would they put in 3.

  4. ken3111960 says:

    The children need to be cared for. This woman cannot properly care for them on her own. Let the doctor who inseminated her now pay for the care of the children, he knew she couldnt care for them on her own.

  5. homefire says:

    @ken3111960 – Nopw there’s a thought I hadn’t heard.  Not a bad idea.

  6. addyorable says:

    i wonder what on earth the doctor was thinking of, when he inseminated her.

  7. xangpastor says:

    Thanks so much for the comments. Have a blessed weekend!

  8. the_grat says:

    It is WRONG for a woman (or a couple, or anyone) with known mental instability to bring children into the world – especially 8 at a time, or totalling 16 or whatever, when the average woman would struggle with one or two – and inflict their inner chaos onto them. It is brutal, serious, and should be illegal, if the individuals do not have enough sense to stop it, themselves.Children are not trophies.  They are committment, and hard work, and dedication embodied into growing but little bundles of joy and frustration, that require self-RESTRAINT, and every resource of a sound mind to guide – not herd – into productive lives of their OWN. This is obviously not about the kids.  This is about the woman.  And every bit of it displays her ignorance, laziness, lack of self-restraint, lack of discipline, lack of good judgement, and plethera of other options that should have made it IMPOSSIBLE for a doctor to agree to implant even one more….And ok, so she had an abortion, and feels guilty because of her religious background, and is trying to make it up ??  Get therapy, not pregnated again. I know I sound harsh, but these kind of things put lives and souls at stake, and i’m not too flexible on the issue.  I deeply and truly hate people’s flippant attitude towards children.

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