Too Good to Eat

You know how some ads for food look too scrumptious to be true?  Well, you probably wouldn’t want to eat the food that “modeled” for the picture.  Not only do they do things like slather a hamburger with petroleum jelly to make it shiny, glue extra sesame seeds on the bun, and put cardboard in the sandwich to make it look bigger, but they do even worse things.

Like for instance, they may use white glue instead of milk in cereal commercials so that the cereal doesn’t get soggy during shooting.  (yum,  yum!)  Another trick that sounded pretty nasty is to use liquid dish soap to make hot chocolate so that it looks nice and foamy on top. 

Amazing the things that are done to make the product more appealing.  It makes you look at ads with a whole new eye, doesn’t it? 


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9 Responses to Too Good to Eat

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glue in cereal?  Sure would help to keep those kiddos quiet in class!

  2. mrcolorful says:

    I remember one time seeing pictures of the backside of the burger’s they use for display pictures at McDonald’s.  The only thing you could see was the bun because everything between the bun was all the way at the opposite side of it to make it look good in the pictures and the Big Mac back had almost zero sesame seeds visible on the back.

  3. perelandra30 says:

    YUCK!!!!!! Makes me glad that I am such a good cook.

  4. fwren says:

    There is a saying that says, “Seeing is believing” ~ but apparently not!

  5. I have come to the realization that I will never get a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s that looks like the one on the menu. 😦

  6. deyoderized says:

    And I always felt cheated when my sandwiches didn’t even closely resemble the picture!  My children were so chagrinned when I took my sandwich back one time and asked them if that looked like the same sandwich to them!    Maybe I don’t want one like the picture afterall!

  7. walkintrust says:

    What in the world is a pulse?  They come up at the top of your page and I have to scroll way down before I can see if you have a new post, which does not do good things for MY pulse!:)  Have a good day!

  8. homefire says:

    @walkintrust – Sorry!  Should I put it somewhere else?  I just started using it, and haven’t decided whether it’s worth it or not.  It’s just a quick note thing, when you have a one-liner rather than a real post.

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