I Am Totally Ticked Off

Okay, this is really irritating.  Does anyone else ever get an ad that is right smack-dab in the middle of the page, and will not move?  It scrolls with your page, has no close or minimize button that I can find, and is just nothing but obnoxious.  I just had this on my pulse page, and it was still there when I closed and re-opened the page–some ad for a nasty-looking movie.  There was something I wanted to click that was UNDER the ad, but I couldn’t.

Anybody know what to do with this garbage?


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15 Responses to I Am Totally Ticked Off

  1. SheLuvsGod says:

    Let’s boycott Xanga until it stops! Only I really like Xanga….

  2. homefire says:

    @ISpeakLife – Yeah, it’s upsetting.  Wonder if anyone else has had it happen?  This is the second time for me.

  3. SheLuvsGod says:

    @homefire – It’s happened to me a few times. I wondered was it “legal”. But I guess Xanga is an ad site. Ads are everywhere on Xanga, only you’d think they’d not totally inconvenience the Xangans!

  4. what ad?  I don’t see any in my own site.  I have my plugs turned off.  I never saw that happen here in Xanga for me.  I am sticking to Xanga because of its footprint.  Want no ads?  Go Blogger!

  5. i got that too and it IS annoying.  it’s bad enough to have to see the ads when i sign in to xanga, now i get them on my page too. arrgh.  eventually it goes away.  but it’s ridiculous.

  6. homefire says:

    @ISpeakLife – Yeah, when I can’t reply to a comment because I can’t get to the button, THAT is beyond reasonable!@mjh905 – Actually, it was you I was trying to reply to.  I didn’t mean that the eye hurt that long, but that it was that long after lunch.    But thanks for the idea!  So if you go to my pulse now, you don’t see it?  I had to type part of my reply blind because I couldn’t see the comment box.  Btw, Have you “gone Blogger?”     I’ve considered it…@PhilippiansThree14 – So it IS happening to someone else?  That makes me feel a little better.  Just can’t imagine that I’m the only one who’s really annoyed by it!

  7. @homefire – just happened to me for the first time tonight a little while ago.  i was trying to see a photo blog and it blocked several pix at once.  very aggravating.

  8. BooksForMe says:

    I haven’t had that happen, yet.  Anyone who has should let themselves me heard!  Complain to the powers that be.

  9. How turn off Plugz?  Only Premium can do this.  If you don’t have paid subscription, tough luck.  For Premium users…. from “new” homepage, click on setting (left column).  Then click on Premium.  In small left box, click on Xanga Plugz.  That’s where you can turn it off or on.Have you tried FireFox browser?  It is pretty good at blocking advertisments.Off to check your pluse….

  10. Ah I see what you are talking about.  I’m currently using Internet Explorer and it doesn’t block that.  At least that horror movie ad didn’t float on me.  It was sationary but covering part of comments.  Why don’t you download FoxFire browser and see if THAT will block that most undesireable advertisment?  Here’s the link…  http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/.  Firefox is fast becoming my most favorite browser.  I must still use IE for a few things though.  Any more questions?  Yes, I do have a Blogger, it is part of Google (absolutely no advertisement unless you manually add it).  http://www.mydearestshelpmeet.blogspot.com.  It is mostly about books, pictures, and our children.  I’m not posting there regularly (not Xanga either).  That blog is more geared for my families and in-laws who doesn’t want to mess around with passwords etc.  No footprints though.

  11. I’m now using Firefox browser.  No horror movie advertisement in middle of screen in your pulse.  It looked the way it is supposed to look.  It even stopped the advertisement in left column and in its place is a arrow button (if you want to see the ad, click on that arrow).  Foxfire doesn’t stop plain text ads but do stop ads which use flash player.

  12. fwren says:

    I have Premium, so the ads are gone from my page ~ haven’t checked my Pulse page though.  Some of the ads ARE so obnoxious ~ so irritating.

  13. fwren says:

    Okay, I just went and checked my pulse page ~ no ad.  I guess Premium takes care of it appearing on my page, but I can still see it on yours.  If you complain to Xanga, they are really good about tending to things like that.  It’s worth a try.  I even put a pulse up ~ 1st venture onto that for me ~

  14. lookin4Jesus says:

    Never had that problem…… :~(

  15. mom1945 says:

    That is very irritating! Both times I tried to comment on your “jalapeno” pulse I could hardly write for that irritatiiong add, and what a disquisting movie advertisment! I just checked out Brent Holsingers site and saw the same add only it was descretely at the side blocking nothing on his page. Wonder why it had to attack you right smack dab in the middle? Wonder if there’s a place on xanga you could write to and report it???

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