Nutcracker Sweet!

Since we were studying Russia in early December, it seemed like an ideal time to expose my children to a little culture and a classic Christmas story, so I ordered The Nutcracker through interlibrary loan.  Well, interloan is a little unpredictable, so we just got it this week, but was it ever a treat!  I had forgotten how much I love that music!  Since I love dancing of any kind, I was enraptured, and my daughter felt the same way. 

The boys?  um, not so much.  Oh, well. 

As I was mentally dancing along with the Sugar Plum Fairy, my 13 yr old son brought us down to earth.  “And she trips and falls–splat–on the ground, and busts her head open and there’s blood everywhere and that dude in the tights (they were highly amused by her Cavalier’s costume) bends over her and everybody thinks there’s been a murder, so Jackie Chan rushes in and ki-YAH, kicks the guy upside the head…”  There was more, but that’s all I remember. 

It’s so nice to have good commentary to go along with a lovely ballet. 



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9 Responses to Nutcracker Sweet!

  1. BooksForMe says:

    Leave o a teen-age boy to put it like it is! LOL I love The Nucracker, too! The first time I saw it—I am just remembering this for the first time in so many years, WOW—was in Hawaii.  The local ballet company, I assume, came to our school and performed bits and pieces for us.  I was seven, I think (2nd grade).  I was enthralled.  We all sat on the floor (of course, Hawaii), and I sat in the front row, just loving every minute. It was incredible.  Gosh…what a trip how memories get triggered.  Weird.

  2. homefire says:

    Glad to be the instigator of a memory!    I would dearly love to see it live.

  3. P_Obrien says:

    Hmmm, that sounds familiar. I always thought the Nutcracker could use a little more action. Even a little swashbuckling would be an immense improvement, though I admit I enjoy the Nutcracker quite a bit as it is. Still, Kung-fu Ballet? The idea has a great deal of merit. Thanks for the laugh.

  4. nidan says:

    I never liked musicals and I detest ballet, but I always liked the nutcracker for some strange reason. Never understood that.

  5. sunshine1939 says:

    Don’t you just love teenagers comments??????? The boys probably liked it more than let on!!!!!!

  6. lglavy says:

    awww   memories!  Some of my favorite holdiay memories was dressing the girls up and going to see Nutcracker.   So beautiful and festive!

  7. sounds like you taught your son to think, a by-product of teaching them how to learn. Kudos.

  8. dotmarie says:

    it would include jackie chan. I can’t stand jackie chan movies…yes, lots of action. I never have a clue what’s happening. I could probably follow The Nutcracker much better.

  9. homefire says:

    @ProvokingThought – Oh, thank you!  That’s an encouraging thing to get from this.  @dotmarie – oh, yeah, it’s always either Jackie Chan or Chuck Norris that I hear about.  I actually told them that JC might have studied ballet, considering how graceful he is. 

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