What I Hate About Blogging

I just read a post that really resonated with me.  I recommended it, but for those of you who don’t pay attention to recommendations, AND for those of you who are lurkers or who don’t subscribe to my site, I think I’ll give it another plug here.  Read THIS 

She said it so well!  I have done quite a bit of public speaking in my life, and the lifebreath of that is audience feedback.  And THAT is what I hate about blogging–the lack of audience feedback!  I have always used my audience’s responses to gauge how well I am making my point.  If they nod and smile, I’m getting through.  If they look confused, I need to be clearer.  If they shake their heads, I want to know why!  I need interaction!  I thrive on it.  With a blog, though, you have no idea.  Did everyone think I was totally wrong?  Or did they just think I was stupid?  Was that why they had no comment?  If we were speaking in person, would they just turn and walk away? 

I tend to have an opinion on everything (I know that will come as a shock to many of you, but there it is…) so I comment a lot–and I want everyone else to comment, too!   I really, really love comments!  To those of you who do comment regularly, thank you!  I love you and I appreciate it immensely!

And to those of you who think you don’t have anything worthwhile to say–  trust me, it’s worthwhile.  Even if you only say “yeah, I agree,” it’s encouraging!  Now if you don’t agree, I’ll probably want to hear why!    I love a good discussion.

I do understand that once in awhile you’re in a big hurry, or you have dial-up and it’s just not worth re-loading the page, or you simply don’t get what I’m saying.  Okay, fine.  But try to comment when you can.  Pretty please? 

Now for a question:  Would you like to have a commenter point out your grammatical or spelling errors?  I never actually do that, because I don’t want to seem nit-picky, and yet it’s something that bugs me, so I appreciate it when people point out errors.  (I’m really letting myself in for it, here, aren’t I?    Gonna have to proofread this one pretty carefully!)




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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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48 Responses to What I Hate About Blogging

  1. I like errors pointed out, too, so I can fix them.I had a lot of people commenting on my site a while back, 25 or so a post. I found it was too much work for me to keep replying to them. I didn’t blog for a bit, and now I usually have maybe 12 people, which seems manageable. So, I don’t mind when people read and don’t comment. Well, I don’t mind it THAT much!  (I think I always comment. If I bothered to read it, why not say so?)

  2. fwren says:

    I read it and commented ~ she has bunches of comments by now!    I comment pretty often, so am not going to worry about that too much ~ you need to stop by over at my site now!  LOL!  And I don’t mind spelling corrections ~ wrong spellings drive me nuts until I get them fixed.  So ~ is “gonna” a word?    Just kidding ~ I use it all the time ~

  3. walkintrust says:

    Great!  Now one of my favorite forms of relaxation is going to require some brain cells:)  I like all your posts.  Sometimes you find something fascinating in the most incredibly boring topics and it’s always so nice and comfy to stretch our frames of reference.  I loved your candy house, as always.  The golf clubs were astonishing, the snow was incredible, the Feb. 10 lead law is appalling, the reading time of our children is sad.  See, I have noticed you a lot!  In all seriousness, please don’t quit blogging.  Btw, you rareley mispel a word and you don’t hardly make no grammer mistakes.

  4. homefire says:

    @fwren – Believe me, I thought about that as I typed it!    But I decided that I can use my own vernacular and my sentence fragments all I want–it’s literary license.  Right?    I just like good grammar, I guess. 

  5. homefire says:

    @walkintrust – LOL!!!  Thank you!  I just LOVE comments like that one!   And it’s so good that you commented, because I never knew you existed until right now!  Very good to see you in xanga-land.  Your site is neat!

  6. mom1945 says:

    I agree, we all love feedback. I’m always glad to see the footprints checking out my site but wish a few more would let me know what they think 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Your pages are generally way, WAY over my head…I’m not to s m a r t, as my Daniel spells out to the kids REAL often when I don’t get a joke. So I pass by and occassionally it looks interesting, but mostly it’s just to DEEP for me. Sorry. But, if I like what I read, I’ll try to comment more often.Explain this statement you made more indepth to me: “I have done quite a bit of public speaking in my life”? Corrections? So let me get this straight, you want us to post more and you want us to be willing to accept your corrections?!? You don’t ask for much out of us wee folks do you?

  8. SpazzyMommy says:

    I read it BEFORE this one because of your recommendation- so it was higher on the list. 🙂 I will post here what I said there……I agree….but I added that I think that if someone regularly comments on your blog…you should have some common courtesy to at least drop into that persons blog with a hello….or a “thanks for visiting my blog”. I think some of our fellow xangans are all about themselves, thier amount of subs, comments and recommendations….I enjoy many fellow Xangians blogs- and some I realize are only there to read- not to interact with. 🙂 However, I will hold true to my belief of blog-etiquette. 🙂

  9. Have you ever thought about putting in new background?How’s that for a comment?  😀  I know I need to comment some more elsewhere also….

  10. homefire says:

    @viewinghuijia – NO, I didn’t ask you to accept my corrections!  (Not that I’ve noticed anything amiss on your site, anyway)  I just asked how many people would want to know if they misspelled or used incorrect grammar. I wouldn’t think of critiquing your writing without your permission.  I guess I was mostly giving permission for that on my site and asking if anyone else felt the same way.  In the post I recommended above, her sister commented on her spelling, and it just made me wonder.About the public speaking, very little in the last few years, but I did speech and drama in high school and I was a Tupperware lady for quite a few years.    Nothing too glamorous, but fun for those of us who like to talk!And I’m glad for feedback that says I’m over your head.  Hey, that’s the puzzled look that helps me to tweak my style!  I know I get too wordy sometimes, and that’s something I need to hear about, too!  I like to write, but more than that, I like to be understood!

  11. homefire says:

    @SpazzyMommy – You know, you’re right there.  And I try to do that.  (But it does seem like a long time since I’ve been to your site…hmm, is this a hint?  )  And actually, I almost never look at footprints.  But I must have sometime, because I just discovered that I have indeed been to @walkintrust ‘s site before.  Oops.    @mjh905 – hmmm.  No, I really hadn’t.  I’ve had a total of two backgrounds in all the time I’ve been on xanga, and I suppose it is boring.  But I always have such a horrible time changing it.  Something goes wrong, and then I can’t fix it and I get totally frustrated and spend hours.  grrr.  But I’ll think about it.  Thanks!

  12. BooksForMe says:

    Hmmm…well, I’m not sure how to respond to most of this post, but I will respond to the last question and say that I do not want editors to visit my site.  LOL

  13. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – Well, Caroline, you are one of my most faithful commenters, so this post wasn’t directed at you!    And you don’t make hardly no grammatical errors either, ya know. 

  14. seedsower says:

    When you see my footprint,you see a comment!!

  15. DanishDoll says:

    I totally agree! Comments mean so much. Even negative ones are helpful. I came over here on a recommend, and I appreciate what you had to say. I pre tty much always comment when I visit, unless I really have nothing to say, and that is rare indeed! LOL!

  16. lglavy says:

    i love your posts and check on you often!  i am usually in a semi-comatose state by the time i’m checking blogs and just want to be filled with useless information.  I don’t want to have to be coherent!!  It would be a drag, however, to go to all the effort to post and then no one even admit that they read it!Off to see how many layers i can fit under my clothes without looking like a snow bunny – it is COLD!!!

  17. I think I stopped commenting as much when someone got mad at me when my comment I left just said “great post”Which I really thought it was and really that was all I had to say about that post and the person got mad at me because all I said was great post.

  18. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to start unleashing my opinions!Although English errors in writing &/or speech bother me, I’ve found that other people really don’t want to be corrected.  (That’s what happens to us know-it-alls, we learn these things!)  Also, as I get older, the errors just seem to pop up much more frequently and I don’t like the taste of crow. 

  19. sunshine1939 says:

    Your posts are always interesting!!  I really don’t pay much attention to the spelling so everything looks good to me. Keep on posting!!!!!

  20. QMTJ says:

    I’m bopping in at the suggestion of Books4Me.  Hmmm….lots to think about here.  I do like to know if I’ve posted a bad link because if I’m linking to it, it’s really good stuff.  🙂  Feedback is always nice…..Affirmation is always wonderful.  I like to encourage people whenever possible.  My kind word might be the only kind word someone has heard all day…..I try to remember that.Blessings to you!  Q.’

  21. lookin4Jesus says:

    I understand your frustration; I’ve had several footprints this week on my blog and no comments! But I figure if someone gets something from it even if they don’t comment, then I have fulfilled my purpose. I am guilty of reading posts without commenting at times for a couple reasons: 1. I’m simply too busy and too rushed and am just trying to get a little mind/spirit stimulation quickly or 2. I simply don’t have a special comment to make. But I’ll try harder to comment as I like it too. Glad you brought it up!

  22. AngelAware says:

    I too like comments I Do NOT..Like people editing my spelling and grammer and all that. I have never been all too good at it, and It actually hurts my feelings when people cant stand it about me. Its who I am… I do take the time to do spell check on my site, but when it comes to having to look up something in the dictionary….I dont think so. I dont have that much time.  My strengths are in different areas It is interesting tho, I never realised it was a problem until I made my xanga 6 years ago. I have had some people come by and be real rude and correct me. and even tell me, they cant stand it and wont come back. Not real christian like I thought. They didnt need to be my friend then, they could not like me for who I was. As for commenting I get alot of footprints and no comments. i figure maybe they didnt know what to say??..LOL If I am speechless I always try to leave a smile face and say  Squeeze Squeeze is My (hugs)

  23. AngelAware says:

    Oh ya….We dont have a thermonmiter here, I was watching the news and they said it was 5 below. Thats the only way i can tell, unless I go into town and see the bank sign

  24. AngelAware says:

    WAIT!!  LOL  LOL  I have a question to add to yours here????  What about the reply thing? When I comment and they reply to me on there site, and not on mine……..is that rude?? I never know when they do that? I thought that was an interesting add on to the whole comment question you had I do think that the reply thing on our sites to maybe answer it for everyone else who see’s that, hopeing to answer there impressions before having to ask.?

  25. allilaney says:

    I also think your posts are interesting and you always have good opinions (or I guess similar to what mine would be).  I am a terrible “blogger” and I just have a Xanga account to post pictures so family and friends can keep up with our life here in FL.  I admit I usually read your post from my e-mail, but don’t actually get on Xanga very often.  If I stop by, I’ll try to comment.  Keep up the good work!!

  26. Great post.  I hope people start getting more involved.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Haha!!  These comment etiquette posts are popping up everywhere!

  28. SamsPeeps says:

    I don’t usually comment on bad grammar or typos. If it is something REALLY bad, I’ll send the author a private message (no need to embarrass someone).

  29. CrazyKey123 says:

    I don’t usually point out spelling or grammar errors. However, I have the tendency to be typing something and completely forget a word in a sentence. It’s always nice when someone points that out to me on my blog.

  30. tequila_sky says:

    I wouldn’t mind a person pointing out an error, but I would mind if that was the ONLY comment they left behind? If I leave no comment can be many reasons. Someone said what I wanted to say already and I am tired so can’t think of anything original. I am tired or something happened in real life/my computer time is up/ feel sad, not in the mood.I didn’t agree with you at all and the topic was controversial. I didn’t get your post /usually a poem.I got your post but it is so good I am speechless or feel as if I am an intruder because it was a very personal post. And that is about it. 🙂

  31. faustuosa says:

    I too sometimes wonder why not a lot of readers comment on my blogs. But hey, that’s just the way some people are; some like to read and then reason in their heads and are too lazy to comment. Others like to read and give their opinion. But just because no one really comments, doesn’t mean  your blog isn’t interesting. If you didn’t think it was something worth mentioning, would you have blogged about it? So, interaction would be nice, yes, but it’s not always a necessity. To me at least, it isn’t.And I have no problem with people pointing out grammatical errors. I originally speak Dutch and am trying to improve my English comprehension and conversation skills by thinking and therefore writing in English. So, I appreciate all the help I can get.

  32. homefire says:

    @TeacherPerson – @mom1945 – @seedsower – @DanishDoll – @lglavy – @sunshine1939 – @QMTJ – @lookin4Jesus – @allilaney – Thank you so much for stopping by and making the effort to leave a comment!  It is really very fun to see all these people here!  I appreciate it.@Kristenmomof3 – ouch.  I can’t imagine complaining about a comment.  Yeah, it’s really fun to get challenging comments, but I appreciate the simple ones, too.@RebornLovingHim – Oh, unleash all you want!  I love to hear your opinions!    Just be kind!@AngelAware – You mean like I’m replying to this comment?  Don’t you get an e-mail telling you that someone replied to you?  I do, and I think it works really well.  I like the whole conversation to be in one place.  Before we had the reply feature, it was a pain.  And I can’t believe you’ve had people tell you they couldn’t stand your misspellings!  That is SO rude.  If it bugs them that much, why not just quietly leave?  I guess maybe you don’t really want people like that on your site anyway!  I usually notice stuff like that, but your heart shines through your writing like sunshine, and it doesn’t matter!   

  33. homefire says:

    @ilovemy2babyboys – @Papillon_Mom – Yeah, I am seriously jumping on a bandwagon, aren’t I?  LOL. @SamsPeeps – Good idea about the PM.  @CrazyKey123 – I tend to type too fast and switch letters here and there or leave words out.  I try to proofread, but I have LOTS of typos and occasionally miss some, so it’s good to know it.  @tequila_sky – good reasons, and I use them once in awhile, too.  There ARE legitimate reasons for not commenting, as I am realizing more all the time!  @faustuosa – I like your attitude.  Thanks to all of you for dropping by–it is so fun to meet new people! 

  34. SamsPeeps says:

    @homefire – nice meeting you too

  35. faustuosa says:

    @homefire – hey, thank you for the compliment. Yes, it is nice to meet new people

  36. LifesStrides says:

    Clicked on your blog from     allilaney……….I must have a boring blog.  LOL  I leave tons of comments on others.  Some of those others have NEVER left a comment back on mine what so ever.  It’s a bit discouraging, but like I explained……I mostly blog for myself and as a time line of when things happen in my life that I might not remember later.  It’s always nice to have comments.  Compliments.  Constructive critisism.  Only a hand full of my “friends” comment on my blogs.  I don’t get angry about it.  I still enjoy reading theirs and I’ve gotten a lot from a few that I read daily. 

  37. homefire says:

    @JeezolPeats – Oh, I’m not angry either.  I think what started this, really, was that I almost always have something I want to say and felt like I must be boring if I didn’t get comments.  I’m finding out that a lot of people can enjoy something without feeling any need to comment!  I need to learn to deal with it, I guess, LOL!

  38. Hutch5 says:

    I was raised that if a person wants friends, they must show themselves friendly!!! 🙂 I think that applies to the blogging world too~ I’m all about interaction and communication. But PLEASE!! do not critique my spelling or grammar!!! 🙂 I totally stink in those areas. If you can get past that.. your welcome to my blog anytime!!! ha~ Great post! and thanks for the times you have stopped by and commented!

  39. tequila_sky says:

    @homefire – yes, but forgot to say you know, its ok not leaving comments every time but if you are subbed, its rude to *never* leave comments or feedback. Why sub/friend then? To me, a reply on a comment is feedback enough. 🙂

  40. Platypus333 says:

    LOL “if we were speaking in person would they just turn and walk away?”  Good point!

  41. homefire says:

    @tequila_sky – Hmmm, that’s probably right.  I am desperately oversubscribed–can’t begin to read all of them–so I really need to pare down my list a lot.  I know there are lots of people I’m subbed to that I haven’t visited in ages.  Btw, I was going to go check out your site, but can’t since it’s friend-locked.  Just wanted you to know I thought of it, LOL!@Platypus333 – I suppose that is different, but I think it may be more the same to me than it is to most people!@Hutch5 – Thanks for stopping by!  Good proverb for this!    Yours is one site that I need to visit again–I always love it. 

  42. tequila_sky says:

    @homefire – yeah I do that 🙂 But it’s open now if you want to come over. 

  43. I guess I like to surf. I really didn’t think not adding a comment was offensive. Sometimes the posts are deep and I just want to think on them. Sometimes they don’t pertain to me at all but I enjoy them. Alot of surfers on my blog never leave a comment….I guess sometimes I wonder why. LOL I guess that should clue me in to at least say SOMETHING.Good post with some good points!

  44. Cynsjrl says:

    I saw your footprints–so here I am–leaving you a comment 🙂  You make good points. I’ve had a tragedy in my life, so my blogs are about my daughter.  The last post are pictures of her friends,my friends and me celebrating my baby by going to a comedy club–then a pub being totally silly.  People who don’t know me– think I’m just posting pics of a good time 😛  Most people that stop by to have a look-see don’t know me. That’s fine with me.  After all, this place seems to be about how well you write– making your words interesting. I’ve read blogs should be controversal enough to attract as many people as you can.  Or possibly the writer is a talented poet. While others have a beautiful way with words and touch many….Anyway, I’m rambling~Have a great SaturdayCiao~

  45. homefire says:

    @littlelambhome – @getitwhenyoucan – Thanks for the input.  I am starting to regret writing this, actually!    I don’t think it’s offensive at all to breeze by once and not leave a comment.  I do that, too, occasionally.  But when people read my blog regularly and never comment, I always wonder why.  I just like comments, but I sure wouldn’t want anyone to not come here just because they don’t want to comment!  getit, what did you mean you saw my footprints?  I don’t think I’ve been to your site before?  have i?

  46. @homefire – At least you are getting people to stop in. Alot of my friends or subscribers never come by. I guess now you can just read blogs on your private page so there is no reason to visit….. but it is nice to have visitors.:) I am guilty, guilty, guilty of doing both things- reading on my private page without visiting and stopping in with no comments.I actually appreciate this post. I am glad you wrote it.I will now make more of an effort to at least visit AND comment!! 🙂

  47. I’m afraid I am “one of those” who does alot of reading but, doesn’t comment because it takes too long and also, I am not as smart as you either so, your stuff is over my head also. My comments wouldn’t make sense, even to me. ~ sigh~ I so long for a higher IQ! Our computer is a tad slow and the music player down below doesn’t help but, in spite of all that, hey, I commented!!!!!!!    ~grinning like a Cheshire cat~love you my friend!

  48. cwjphotos says:

    I just popped by curios, now I feel I must comment.  That’s ok.  🙂  If I visit more than a page, I try to leave a comment.  It drives me batty when I have people look at page after page with not a word.  I block them and feel better.  I try to avoid doing that to others, unless I run into something that causes me to flee from their site screaming in horror.  No, I would not appreciate people correcting my grammar, unless it would be a cuss word or something.  I’ve done that a time or two, but caught it before hitting the Send button.  I really am a stickler on my own without having anyone help me.  I would love to leave a comment or two on others’ sites.  People have lost the ability to spell use the English language. I too wish people commented more, but not much can be done about it.  I really do not care to have so many comments that I’m featured or anything.  I don’t have anything controversial to say, really.  Kim

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