A Person or a Woman?

I read this quote several times and have been trying to decide what I think about it.

I have come to treat the word person rather gingerly in recent years because it is so overused.  I hear people talk of wanting to be treated “not as a woman but as a human being” or “as a person.”  I hear words like chairperson and spokesperson, and even absurdities such as the “freshperson class” and “personhole covers.”  There is something seriously distorted about this view of humanity.  I don’t want anybody treating me as a “person” rather than a woman.  Our sexual differences are the terms of our life, and to obscure them in any way is to weaken the very fabric of life itself.  When they are lost, we are lost.  Some women fondly imagine a new beginning of liberty, but it is in reality a new bondage, more bitter than anything they seek to be liberated from.

~Elisabeth Elliot

What do you think?  I’d really love comments on this!


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5 Responses to A Person or a Woman?

  1. fwren says:

    I think I would really be insulted to be called a freshperson!  LOL!  Yep, some people’s imagined liberation is truly bondage ~ sometimes takes them awhile to figure that out though.  I’m glad to be a woman ~ and glad to be known as one.  Do you think they really take offense at being called women instead of persons?  Very strange, indeed ~

  2. Personhole covers? Oy.  Why is it so sexist to use the singular pronoun, which in the English language is he or man?  I don’t need pandering to. I’m comfortable enough in my gender not to take offense at a quirk of our language. 

  3. BooksForMe says:

    I think she’s right on.  I’d love to know when she said it.   @TeacherPerson – Great comment!I don’t need pandering to. I’m comfortable enough in my gender not to take offense at a quirk of our language.

  4. I hate “political correctness.” I’m a woman, dang it. I am a human being, and a person, but first and foremost, I am a woman.

  5. homefire says:

    @Darn_it_danube – I just love hearing that!    I really think that the only reason to demand “politcally correctness” is if you are too insecure to accept what you are!

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