What Is the Point of Border Patrol?

Do you know that the Border Patrol sometimes simply watches drug smugglers load their shipment across border fences?  Without even being bribed?

A team of Mexican drug smugglers unloaded $1 million worth of drugs across the U.S. border, spraying bullets at U.S. Border Patrol agents with automatic weapons, but the agents dared not return fire – as one official said they fear losing their jobs or ending up behind bars like agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

Ramos and Compean are serving 11- and 12-year prison sentences, respectively, for shooting an illegal alien drug dealer while he smuggled nearly 750 pounds of marijuana across the border. They were convicted of assault, discharge of a weapon in the commission of a crime of violence and deprivation of civil rights.

Many witnesses, including U.S. scientists working in Arizona, report seeing heavily armed illegal aliens crossing border fences in the area. When U.S. agents arrive on the scene, smugglers often pelt them with rocks, strike them with vehicles or fire weapons at them – and agents sometimes face penalties for firing back.

In an incident similar to the Ramos and Compean case, one border patrol agent said he feared for his life after a group of illegal aliens began throwing rocks and concrete chunks at him in August at the San Ysidro border crossing. He fired his weapon and wounded one of the men in the buttocks.

Officials at the Mexican consulate in San Diego criticized the 10-year Border Patrol veteran and demanded the U.S. conduct a full investigation, the San Diego Union Tribune reported. Local police and the FBI investigated the agent.

“Any kind of shooting toward Mexican territory is rejected by the Mexican government,” Consul General Remedios Gómez Arnau warned Border Patrol agents. “They should have waited for response of the Mexican authorities.”

After this month’s incident, an anonymous officer close to the investigation told the Laguna Journal that agents often fear defending themselves because shooting back could mean prison time – just as it did for Ramos and Compean.

“These men are still in prison for doing what many of us think was just doing their jobs as Border Patrol agents,” he said.

Is anyone besides me saying, “Huh??  What is UP with this?”  I simply cannot see why the men who are paid to patrol the borders of our land are not allowed to keep drugs and illegal aliens out.  If someone wants to import drugs, then they are supposed to step back, bow gallantly, and get out of the way? Then why have Border Patrol?  And if someone shoots at them, they are prosecuted for firing back?

Pardon me, but is something wrong here?  Exactly what civil rights was the illegal alien drug dealer deprived of?  Don’t you give up your rights when you operate outside the law?  What “crime of violence” were Ramos and Compean guilty of? Defending their country?  (admittedly that’s violent, but is it against the law?)  And why exactly are we so eager to please the Mexican government that we will allow them all sorts of ridiculous demands?

I guess it’s just one more example of how twisted and perverted our world is becoming.  This sort of thing has been happening in Israel for years, so why am I surprised that it’s happening here?  Justice is becoming more and more a hazy memory. 

I have to feel sorry for the BP guys.  When you’re assigned to do a job and then stripped of all the tools you need to do it, that just stinks!  Especially when your life is on the line.

I’m just hoping that this article isn’t completely accurate, because frankly, if our civil servants are no longer allowed to do their job, we are teetering on the rocky edge of anarchy.


And of course, this is old news now, but I think this article makes it clear that the fault was not all on one side in this fiasco.  http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/122408dntexpolygamistskids.133c4ec.html 


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5 Responses to What Is the Point of Border Patrol?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ugh… That’s really all I can say.

  2. What a shame. I bet those border patrol guys were just about beside themselves.Merry Christmas!

  3. ken3111960 says:

    The lawers and the judge who put those border patrol agents in jail should be deported to some deserted island!

  4. Yeah, just a little ridiculous!

  5. Like_A_Tigah says:

    And the government wonders where all our jobs go…it disgusts me.

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