So What Did They Really Want?

This article makes me shudder.  Police raids where the family is herded into a room and their home ransacked?  It sounds as if it should have happened…somewhere else, you know?  NOT in the USA.  But it happened last week in Ohio.  In a country that has always claimed to protect freedoms, this is icy water in the face. 

This family could have been ours.  Or yours.  How long until this sort of thing is commonplace?  As we freely give the government greater and greater control over our lives, what else can we possibly expect?

And the biggest question of all–what in the world did they expect to find?  Or was the intention simply to terrorize this family for some unknown reason?  Inquiring minds DO want to know.


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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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6 Responses to So What Did They Really Want?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seriously?  We have turned into the USSR. 

  2. fwren says:

    Very, very scary ~

  3. A warning sign of more to come.  This incident is outrageous.  Thank you for drawing it to our attention.  That agency needs to be put behind bars.

  4. ken3111960 says:

    completly unacceptable

  5. I’m certain this isn’t the first time this has happened.  We are becoming more and more the ‘police state.’  And more is on the way.

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