Obesity tax?


Now this is an interesting thought: 

Just as the cigarette tax has helped reduce the number of smokers and smoking-related deaths, a tax on highly caloric, non-nutritional beverages can help reduce the prevalence of obesity.

To address the obesity crisis, we need more than just a surcharge on soda. We need to take junk food out of our schools. We need to encourage our children to exercise more. And we need to increase the availability of healthy food in underserved communities.

But to make serious progress in this effort, we need to reduce the consumption of high-calorie drinks like nondiet soda among children and adults.

I understand that New Yorkers may not like paying a surcharge for their favorite drinks. But surely it’s a small price to pay for our children’s health.

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What do you think?  Is this a good idea?  Would it make people healthier?

Edit:  I’ve thought about this today, and I have mixed feelings.  Obviously it is better to consume less empty calories, but to legislate it certainly seems wrong.The thing that I realized is that it’s just like the seat belt law.  It’s trying to force people to take care of themselves.  Yes, it’s a great idea, but if so, why won’t we simply do it without government coercion?

It’s ironic, really.  Once upon a time, we expected people to take care of themselves voluntarily or deal with the consequences.  Now it seems that we assume that people aren’t smart enough, or responsible enough, or self-controlled enough to do that.  And we certainly no longer expect people to deal with the consequences of their own poor decisions–remember the guy who sued McDonald’s because it made him fat?  (And any number of similar ridiculous lawsuits)

Why?  Have we become a nation of children, who can no longer take responsibility for our own bodies?  Has the government become our papa?


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11 Responses to Obesity tax?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ugh… it’s just one more government regulation.  It sounds GREAT on the surface, but seriously.  The government is slowly closing their claws around our throats, and we’re taking it in like it’s candy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like govt regs either, but I certainly think the intake of soda should be drastically decreased and if that is what it takes so be it. Tax on cigs should be $10.00 per pack. I suggest tax on soda with calories be $1.50 per can. If a person learns to like die,t you soon get so you do not like the regular. Try it, it works, however for children you must make rules & enforce them. (I really don’t like that last statement but in this situation it will work)!!

  3. @Papillon_Mom – I agree with you on this. It looks like a good idea, but this would just give the government more control over our lives. Bad thing. Today it’s tax on pop, next we know, the government controls our entire lives. That would be BAD! Besides, I’m already paying too much for my Mountain Dew!I think we need more education and no regulation! Land of the free. give the people the chance to make their own decisions.

  4. lglavy says:

    You can tax soda all you want but puleeze don’t mess with me java!!!   How is the gingerbread house coming?  Pics soon?!!?!?

  5. bafocus_2 says:

    Could it be that “Big Brother” will come in a more subtle way than we have always thought. Instead of a camera on every street corner, mail searches, etc., maybe it will come in the guise of “protecting” us from all the bad things. Thus creating a false sense of security in these earthly powers.  This shouldn’t surprise us, I guess, as the ultimate perpetrator of these things is the father of all LIES & SIN. To answer the question – Yes, if the government hasn’t become our papa yet, it is well on the way in many peoples minds and actions. There is a lot more that could be said, but all I have time for now. One interesting thing is how most of us don’t mind regulation/taxing/etc. of things as long as it doesn’t affect the particular things that we enjoy.   For me that means as long as you don’t tax Mountain Dew I won’t care! Gods Blessings!!

  6. homefire says:

    @bafocus_2 – Excellent point.  I firmly believe that all end-times things will look very good at the outset.  It’s only after the system is in place that the danger becomes evident, and some people never will see it.

  7. lookin4Jesus says:

    Maybe we should put a large tax on not becoming a believer because that’s the most serious choice of all!! (Think that would pass congress?) Frankly I think soda is unhealthy but I don’t think diet soda is any more healthy, and obviously smoking is unhealthy, overeating is unhealthy, overdoing anything is unhealthy, but God gives us a choice and allows us to make those choices, good or bad. Why do we think we can or should make choices for people? I fear some day we will wake up to no choice ~ do it or be killed!

  8. Anonymous says:

    this a example in my opinion of how power can corrupt.  its not about making people more healthy its about money.  NY spent and spent and now they need $ and have no where to get it.  the instant gratification lifestyle has corrupted society.  the conservative idea of delayed gratification has not been taught in homes for several decades and it has come to haunt us.  if kids are taught to just borrow to get what they want or to just buy it and worry about it later they will grow up to be adults that do the same.  more regulations will not help anything.  more morality will be the answer.dug

  9. It’s a nice idea, but nice ideas don’t always work.  And just  because someone eats a lot of junk food doesn’t mean they’ll be fat.  I could give myself as an example.Daddy, yes, more “Big Brother” every day.

  10. AngelAware says:

    I think its just another creepy way for them to *contoll* usSo much for a blizzard ha….That was nothing  LOL

  11. homefire says:

    @AngelAware – Yeah, I was all ready for a good one.  Bah!  But wasn’t it pretty when the sun came out?  Snow drifting down through sunlight is awesome!  Like diamonds…    But hey, we got 8 inches or so, which is very good for the snow removal business, even if it’s not a blizzard. 

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