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It seems amazing that atheists would expect to find life on other planets. Life is decidedly not a natural phenomenon which automatically results ‘given the right conditions’. What if life was discovered on other planets, and it could be shown that this was not life which had originated from Earth some­how?2 Even though this would seem exceedingly strange from a Biblical view­point, to me it would be further proof, if not absolute proof, of a Creator. Something as incredibly, hopelessly complex as living forms requires the most fantastic leaps of imagination to think it could appear by chance just once; to contemplate it happening by chance twice should be regarded as beyond rational discussion.


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3 Responses to ET Life

  1. the_grat says:

    you have completely opened pandora’s box, my dear.  i LOVE this topic.  because it’s about aliens.  and i do believe they may exist. i have to include the abstract i wrote on the topic, and which caught my astronomy teacher off guard — i think he was hoping i would come away from the class with knowledge about hubble’s constant, the solar axis, and gallileo, instead of a firm belief in aliens, but hey – it was better than when he asked us to write an essay on the life and death of stars, and jen chose to write about the cause of nebulae or something like that, and i chose heath ledger and brad pitt …   =)so… thots ?———————————————————–We’re looking for aliens.The attempt to locate or identify extraterrestrial life has occupied scientists and astrobiologists for decades.   To locate life on other planets would be among the highest of sensational discoveries, and while they are prepared that the search may return void, to fail to recognize a life form because it may exist outside of our own biological regulations would be tragic.John Baross, biologist at the University of Washington in Seattle, has addressed the need for scientists and astrobiologists to search for life and conditions other than what we know to be consistent within our conditions, and not conceptualize extraterrestrial life with terrestrial restrictions.The difficulty in this pursuit has been knowing what to look for, and how to recognize what no one has ever seen.  Therefore, the majority of the methods of searching have been based in our own understanding of life, and biological structures patterned after our own.One such method, which has been labeled the “Follow-the-water strategy”, is based on the concept that water is a requirement that no organism can live without. Mars appearance to have once been a wet place makes it a logical place for this method of search to continue.   However, other planets and moons with different climates and chemical conditions could contain forms of life beyond what we have yet imagined.Some scientists have begun to audit the chemical possibilities, examining other solvents in which biochemical reactions could occur. Liquid ammonia, methane, liquid nitrogen, formamide, and even hydrochloric acid are being investigated for organic possibilities on various planets and moons.Within the CHON-based chemistry of our carbon-based planet (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen), many molecules and atoms are conceptually understood only within the restrictions of our planetary temperatures. Common chemical reactions on Earth would be severely impaired in the outer solar system, with temperatures below -190* F.   Carbon based life as we know it probably could not exist in these conditions, but other organic molecules still exist there, such as the methane found on Titan.Scientists must also consider the process of adaptation, where an organism exploits it’s environment in order to flourish, and how that could have altered organisms and even DNA to exist and perpetuate in a scenario beyond what scientists are prepared to recognize.  Our understanding of Darwinian evolution may be severely altered or not even present in other planetary situations, and we are not certain how the theoretical microbial aliens or other life-forms develop or adapt, which leaves scientists continually guessing.With our own planetary restrictions set aside, it leaves scientists with an undefined search criteria, perhaps as wide as looking for any inconsistency in the environment that may indicate biological activity.  This could be something even as basic as rock patterns, heat, light, or a concentration of chemicals in a certain area, and investigating the cause.Scientists continue to research the endless possibilities for other forms of life within our solar system, in spite of the obstacles and uncertainties, with unpredictable results and an ever-expanding definition of what may cause or sustain life.We’re looking for aliens.

  2. homefire says:

    @the_grat – >>i chose heath ledger and brad pitt …<<   LL    I wanna know what grade you got!  I bet teaching you stretches them!  So you think aliens may exist…created by God or via evolution?  And how do you define life?  To me, something that grows is alive, so wouldn’t a change in form would be the only indicator of a living thing?  Or do you have a different view of that?

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