Gingerbread Warming and Home Makeovers

It’s gingerbread house time again.  My kitchen is filled with stacks of gingerbread and smells yummy, BUT…  I ran out of shortening and sugar with only two very small walls left to go.  How utterly irritating.  And there’s nothing for supper.  And I just remembered there is a load of laundry languishing in the washer.  Sigh. Creativity certainly can mess up routines, can’t it?

Tomorrow is another day.  A day when, hopefully, I can shop.  If the snow lets up. Which it isn’t yet.  But it’s beautiful! 

I love sentence fragments.  Is that sign of a flyaway mind, I wonder?

And speaking of flyaway minds, I just read that Obama is going to adopt an “aggressive approach” on global warming because it’s “a matter of urgency and national security” that will, um… create jobs.

I fail completely to see why it’s a matter of national security, and it’s certainly not a matter of urgency, since the temperature variation is not even large enough to be proven a trend, as yet.  Am I too cynical when I say that perhaps the jobs are the real reason that he feels to focus on global warming?  Hmmm?

And on a totally different subject, after watching Exteme Home Makeover the other night, my husband and I were wondering if any of those people who have been blessed with big new homes end up not being able to afford the increased property taxes and utilities.  Isn’t that a possibility?  I also had to wonder if any of them ever look at the house and think, “ewww, not at all what I wanted…”    I mean, you’d be grateful, but that house we saw was just kind of, well, strange.  I could live in it, I’m sure, but it certainly wasn’t one I’d choose.


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13 Responses to Gingerbread Warming and Home Makeovers

  1. BooksForMe says:

    Where is it snowing?  We got some snow dust on Sunday, but it’s supposed to be in the high 50s tomorrow.  I’m not really complaining, just missing it a bit.  That darn global warming!  I’d love to see your gingerbread houses!

  2. fwren says:

    I could wish for a bit (a few inches) of that snow, but 16 inches like Dot said??  No thanks!  Wish you could put the smell of that gingerbread on here!  Mmmmmm ~

  3. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – Well, in Michigan it’s snowing.  And snowing.  And snowing.  Come see us if you want to get the real experience.  Dh says we’ve had 35 inches so far, and it’s not even officially winter yet!  I know it’s over two feet deep out on the deck.  Can’t complain though–that is very good for the snow removal business, which helps to support us in the winter!    And if you click the tag for gingerbreadhouse, you can see the one from two years ago.  That’s the only one I’ve posted pics of.  I didn’t make one last year because we were so involved in wedding stuff, and the others were probably before I had a xanga.  I keep thinking I’ll make an album of them all–if I do, maybe I can scan and post pics of the old ones sometime.

  4. BooksForMe says:

    @homefire – That is a lot of snow!  The adobe gingerbread house is so impressive.  I’ve never seen an adobe-style house. You did such a fantastic job.  An album would be a nice idea.  I’d love to see your creations from over the years.

  5. I usually don’t take time to comment but, I just had to about the Global Warming jobs. Do you think they are going to be strictly government and basically more stupid restrictions for us peons which means they will need someone to control US? Thats a nice negative thought to go with your warm and fuzzy Gingerbread Houses, sorry. I love making Gingerbread Houses too. Last year I made one with the grandsons and you can see my pictures in my blog. How do you watch Home Improvement, have you left the GB church?

  6. gsmith03 says:

    You are probably right that a lot of this has more to do with creating jobs.  With us being in an economic crisis, that is probably one of the big motivators.  While I think global warming is occurring, like you I can’t see what it has to do with national security.  However, if global warming is occurring, now is the time to act before it does get out of hand.  If variations are getting large enough to be a noticeable trend, then irreversible damage may already be done.  I still have a hard time seeing how much of it is us, and how much of it is just natural cycles.  The earth has gone through warming and cooling trends throughout its history, and in a lot of respects this just appears to be another cycle.  However, if we are the cause (or at least amplifiers of it) if there is anything we can do to reverse it or at least slow it down I think we should do it while we still can.And we received a light dusting of snow here, though the only stuff that stuck was ice.  Gotta love Missouri winters. 

  7. homefire says:

    @stampingranny – Yes, I’m sure it will mean more restrictions and it will certainly cost us money, and nope, we haven’t left it!  Why?    I must go look at your gbread house–I evidently missed it last year.  @gsmith03 – Well, considering that the trend in the past couple of years is actually toward global cooling, and the difference has been quite tiny over all recorded history, I refuse to consider it a threat.  Maybe I’ll be proven wrong someday, but I can’t feel motivated to totally revamp my life for something that has so little basis in fact.  At this point, it’s at least 99% hype!  As far as I’m concerned, it’s something to keep an eye on, yes, but nothing more than that.

  8. gsmith03 says:

    @homefire – A couple years can hardly be considered a trend, especially when you are talking about something as huge as global weather patterns.  Just because it cooled for a couple years doesn’t mean the overall trend isn’t toward warming.  A warming trend doesn’t mean it warms every year, it just means when you look at the long-term it is warming.  Over the past 100 years, mean temperature (at the earth’s surface) has been increasing.  Yes, it dipped a few times in there, but overall the trend has definitely been toward an increase.  Yes, it has only been about one degree, but it is definitely a sustained increase.  I doubt we will see much of the impact of it in our lifetimes, but I don’t want to be the cause of something that is going to destroy the world of our grandchildren.  Besides, there is a very delicate balance in nature, especially when it comes to weather; even a slight sustained increase could potentially cause major problems.  What really concerns me is that there has been a very large increase in carbon dioxide emissions, something which could definitely have a major impact on global climate.A lot of the information I have seen on it seems to indicate that there is an overall warming trend, so I have to say that it is occurring, at least a bit.  Unfortunately, some of this information is from Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” so I take it with a grain of salt.  I don’t think it is as severe as some global warming advocates (like Mr. Gore) try to make it out to be; I don’t think we will have a radical change in weather in a week as seen in “The Day After Tomorrow.”  However, I also do not like the stance of a lot of politicians (mostly Republican) who refuse to even acknowledge that there is anything wrong, mainly because if anything happens they will not be around to suffer the consequences.Like I said, though, the earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling, and this may just be another one of those cycles.  Al Gore’s graph itself showed these cycles in the past, so that seems to be more logical.  However, this cycle appears to be much more amplified than other cycles in the past, which I think could be a cause for concern.  My main thing is, if we can do anything to reverse the process or at least slow it down, why not do it?  Yes, it maybe should be someone’s choice to drive that gas-guzzling SUV, but if it is destroying the planet (and therefore all of us) then shouldn’t we stop them from doing it?

  9. homefire says:

    @gsmith03 – I just can’t see one degree as any cause for concern.  IF we see another degree, and then another, then we could call it a trend rather than just another cycle.  I agree that it’s a good thing to conserve our natural resources, but mark my words, this will lead to all kinds of regulations that will take away our freedom and our money.  THAT is what it is really all about, IMO. 

  10. gsmith03 says:

    @homefire – If we were seeing the kind of trend you were talking about, then it would already be too late.  We need to do something about it NOW before it gets to that point.  Polar ice caps are melting, ice shelfs are breaking off…global warming IS occurring.  I suppose it will lead to regulations that will “take our freedoms away” but if it means potentially saving the lives of billions, I see nothing wrong with it.  Laws against murder take away my “freedom” to kill someone, but I see nothing wrong with not having that freedom.  Laws against stealing take away my “freedom” to take something that isn’t mine without paying for it, but I see nothing wrong with not having that freedom.  Laws against carbon dioxide emissions and for making more eco-friendly vehicles and industry take away our “freedom” to destroy our planet, but I see nothing wrong with not having that freedom.And if it is our freedom you are worried about, then we should stop the Federal Marriage Amendment, write our congressmen and tell them to overturn the Patriot Act, and protest California’s Proposition 8.  Not only do they take away freedoms, but a whole lot of taxpayer money has been put into all of those.

  11. homefire says:

    @gsmith03 – Ya know, George, it all just depends on what you read.  Read this, for example  which says that even though the Artic cap has shrunk somewhat, the Antarctic caps has actually grown.And then pretty much contradicts it, saying that ice shelves are breaking off Antarctica at an alarming rate.  Once again, we’re back to how trustworthy the media is.  Which is not very.  :-/  And of course, how trustworthy the scientific community is, which is perhaps questionable, too…Another thing that is interesting to speculate on is the fact that the north pole was, at one point in Earth’s history, a warm place.    Wouldn’t it be neat if we could re-create that?  Think how much more habitable land we would have!  Scientists think they know exactly what would happen if the ice caps melted, but the fact is that they don’t, because it hasn’t happened in recorded history.  It’s sort of like evolution, it’s all drawn from supposition.  They draw the conclusion that seems logical, but the truth is that so many factors will change if that happens that they really don’t have a clue.  That’s one thing that frustrates me about this–the scientists all jump on the same bandwagon, and don’t examine all the possibilities.  They forget that they are scientists, who are supposed to examine and record.  They spend too much time trying to support their hypotheses, rather than observing with an open mind.  I’m sure you think I’m totally off  the wall by now   but I think the scientific community is incredibly closed-minded.  They are told what to believe rather than exploring.  Okay, perhaps I’ve wandered off-topic, but I have a problem with people who just spout rhetoric, and most of the global warming info seems to be exactly that.As for your freedom rant, I guess you aren’t getting what I’m talking about.  I’m fine with losing the freedom to hurt other people in provable ways, but creating a phantom menace in order to cause fear is wrong, especially if you use it to profit, which I fully expect to happen from this.  So our point of disagreement is simply whether or not global warming is a danger, which I am not yet convinced of!

  12. gsmith03 says:

    Yeah, I suppose it does depend on what you read.  Of course, you can also find modern “science” that says the Earth is flat.  Even if it doesn’t make sense, if you have a preconceived notion that you do not want to be proven wrong, you will find a way to prove it.  People who are biased enough will even try to manipulate data to prove their own position, on BOTH sides.We can argue this until we are blue in the face.  I say we just agree to disagree?

  13. homefire says:

    @gsmith03 – Yup!    I appreciate the debate, though–it always makes me dig a little deeper, which is a good thing!  As for the flat-earth stuff, that is NOT scientific.  Science is all about observation.  The shape of the earth can be quite easily proven because it’s here and now, no supposition required.  The stuff we’re talking about can’t because it isn’t. 

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