Back to Black

Black Friday, that is.  I happened to see an article about the trampled Wal-Mart worker. 

NEW YORK, Dec 3 (Reuters) – The family of a man killed in a stampede of frenzied holiday shoppers filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores Inc on Wednesday seeking unspecified damages.

Shoppers on New York’s Long Island broke down doors and surged into the Valley Stream Wal-Mart at 5 a.m. on Nov. 28, the day after Thanksgiving, known as “Black Friday,” traditionally the busiest retail shopping day of the year.

Jdimytai Damour, 34, was knocked to the ground and trampled to death. He had been assigned to cover security as an independent contractor.

Damour’s death was caused by “the carelessness, reckless negligence, wanton disregard for public safety and gross negligence” in the “staging, conducting and advertising for sales events,” said the lawsuit, filed in Bronx Supreme Court.

The lawsuit also names the shopping mall where the incident occurred and the security company employed by Wal-Mart.

A Wal-Mart spokeswoman had no immediate comment. On Friday, the retailer said it was saddened by the incident.

New York’s largest grocery workers union has urged authorities to investigate what it called “Wal-Mart’s failure to provide a safe workplace.”

Wal-Mart said it provided additional internal security and employees and third party security and worked closely with police to prepare for “Black Friday.”

I’m not at all surprised, but I’m just wondering…  Any opinions on exactly whose fault it was?  Did Wal-Mart fail to provide a safe workplace?  What might they do differently?  And yes, I do blame the “staging, conducting, and advertising for sales events,” but was only Wal-Mart at fault here?  What about all the other stores who had the same sort of sales and advertising, but were fortunate enough to escape being the site of the first fatality from the madness?  Are they innocent?  And what of the people who rush madly to the events?  Are they not equally to blame? 

So what is the answer?

My husband made a good point in his testimony Sunday:  Romans 12:2 tells us not to be conformed to this world, and what is worldly if not greed?  Perhaps the grabbing, grasping, gobbling greed that characterizes Black Friday would be a good thing for Christians to avoid? 

Not that I wasn’t tempted… those Wal-Mart winter coats for the kids at $8 apiece looked pretty good to me, but I am sincerely thankful that I resisted.  Going to a scene like that just has so much potential for allowing us to lose sight of what’s really important.  And I probably would have never been aggressive enough to get one anyway. 

What do you all think?  Who’s at fault, or IS there a fault?  And what is the solution?  Or IS there a solution? 

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5 Responses to Back to Black

  1. lookin4Jesus says:

    The solution is Jesus! The fault is greed! As to who was most responsible for the greed; there is probably blame both for the stores who are anxious to make extra sales and greedy customers alike. But I guess I’d have to say “the enemy” is the most responsible as he started the greed in the first place!

  2. samcgarber says:

    That would be a wierd way to die.  Maybe it was Miejer’s “why wait – thanksgiving day sale” that was at fault in this case. Or perhaps Tire Discounters.  But I agree with what your husband said in his testimony.  And I agree that Jesus is technically the answer.  I’m just not sure “how” he’s the answer in this case – Christians are to blame for not being salty enough – Christianity should have “leavened the whole lump” by now.

  3. mamaglop says:

     I knew as soon as I saw that article the day it happened that it wouldn’t be long before the vultures settled in.  It was a very sad and tragic story.  I thought about that young man and his family the rest of the weekend. No, I do not think it is Walmart’s fault.  What are we, children?-Not responsible for what we do?  I’ve been in crowds like that where I couldn’t do anything but move with it, and so can’t blame everyone, but SOMEONES were pushing. I feel certain that even with sales like that advertised forty years ago, the liklihood of anyone being trampled would have been much less.  There was public instruction in civic responsibility and it was reinforced in the media.  Not anymore.Of course the ANSWER is Jesus.  The current culture is also created by irresponsible promugation of antisocial ideas.I don’t even look at the ads that day because I stay home on Friday after Thanksgiving.

  4. Anonymous says:

    who’s at fault? society for encouraging greed, walmart for knowing this- and contributing to it- but not hiring security, and the people themselves who allowed greed to enter so deeply that they would sacrifice a life for a televison. satan is at the bottom of it all.

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