Education With a Smile

Ever notice that when you’re terribly busy, and there’s no time to blog, you have one great idea after another rolling through your mind, and you get frustrated that you don’t have time to write them all down?  And when you’re lounging about with nothing particularly pressing to do, you really have nothing to say?  Must be some kind of corollary to Murphy’s Law or something.

Well, I have toyed with about five interesting blogs in my head the past couple of days, but there they stay (or perhaps not, considering my memory or rather, lack thereof.)  In the meantime, I can only accomplish snippets that straggle through my mind. 

In a moment of stolen reading today (it’s much easier to steal time to read than time to blog–for one thing, the competition for computer time around here is pretty fierce!)  I read this and found myself to be much convicted.

Think of a human pair teaching their child how to walk.  There is, on the child’s side, strong desire and latent powers:  he has legs and means to use them.  He walks and smiles, he totters and looks alarmed, he falls and cries.  The parents smile throughout, showering advice, warning, encouragement, and praise. 

Using this as a model for how a child should be taught, I’m afraid I am found wanting.  That bit about smiling thoughout, for instance…really, now, how do you smile when your child has forgotten for the fifty-second time that in order to divide fractions, you must invert and multiply?  I have trouble making the smile look very genuine through my clenched teeth. 

I’m all for being a cheerleader, but it’s something that requires a lot of stamina, and sometimes I just run out.  Sigh.


About dayuntoday

I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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3 Responses to Education With a Smile

  1. I’m forever coming up with good idea’s for  blogs and they never seem to evolve into the real thing!  Grrrr.   Wish I was good at putting my thoughts on paper……I’ve been thinking about writing a book, maybe that would be easier!  LOL

  2. lookin4Jesus says:

    Speaking of blogging…….sigh. Time is in such short supply and I cannot sit down and just let it flow. I have to spend TIME on it, so I haven’t been doing it. You sound like a normal parent to me; good reminder for me (esp. as I have a “pep talk” rolling in my head for my son!! :~) I needed this reminder.

  3. AngelAware says:

    Mine are usually about me. after all it is My diary right  My son has a crazy way of making me smile even when i am mad…he will do something and I will be seriouse and he will always end up saying something or doing something that makes me laugh….how annoying LOL  Its funny. 

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