Worried About Overpopulation?

Here is a very interesting article  about world populations.  I found it fascinating to consider the economic aspects of population control.

It’s always been pretty obvious (to any reasonable person who researched carefully) that the earth is not nearly too full of humans, but what’s not so obvious is the reason for the hype.  Why is it that we hear that overpopulation is a dangerous problem when it really isn’t?  What’s the point behind the madness?  There are some fascinating answers in the article.

Thanks to templestream for the tip!


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4 Responses to Worried About Overpopulation?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting indeed!  I think it’s ironic that those people who most loudly warn us of the dangers of overpopulation would be horrified at the idea of committing suicide to help alleviate the “problem”.  They, of course, want to be the ones in power over the ever-decreasing, and increasingly-easily-controlled masses.

  2. gsmith03 says:

    I have often thought the term “overpopulation” was a misnomer, used so often when it is really inaccurate.  The reason there are problems in Africa, Indonesia, Bolivia, Bangladesh, and the like comes not from an abundance of population (though that does exist) but from other conditions like poor economy, bad government, terrain, and the like.  A lot of it comes from the hording of resources (food, oil, money, etc.) where some groups of people end up with way more than they need and some groups of people don’t have near enough.  To play devil’s advocate, a socialist redistribution of wealth would solve a lot of these problems… 😉

  3. homefire says:

    @gsmith03 – Touche’    It certainly would!  If only there were some perfectly just person who could be responsible for the redistribution! 

  4. gsmith03 says:

    @homefire – I nominate myself!    Haha…right.

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