Quotes for the Day


It is almost impossible to carry the torch of truth through a crowd without singeing somebody’s beard.

 -George Christopher Lichtenberg
scientist and philosopher (1742-1799)


Let us enrich ourselves with our mutual differences.

-Paul Valery, poet and philosopher (1871-1945)



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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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10 Responses to Quotes for the Day

  1. fwren says:

    What is interesting to me is how to spell “singeing” ~ !!  :-/   Interesting quotes too, though ~

  2. ElizabethDNB says:

    No, I am not.  I have just come to the conclusion that we are way too far apart issue wise for me to make myself understood, or talk with out offending anyone. I actually abstained from a couple of rallies because I was afraid of what the neighbors would think and now I hate myself for the cowardly behavoir. And I don’t mean just you.  this is the case with a majority of my friends.  We discuss politics to a certain extent, and then I stop out of fear. I guess I was also really surprised by your comments about Muslims.  I can not see why anyone would be the least bit bothered by a muslim president, even though Obama is not, but I was shocked that some people would care if he was and the media seemed to support and overlook that as if that was just normal.  I live in a very multi-cultural area.  We have a very large Muslim population, a lot of orthodox Jews and a fair smattering of Buddists and Hindus.  we also have more 15 different denominations of Christian churches with in easy walking distance of my house.  On any given day you see a lot of Hindu women in their beautiful clothes and braids and red dots, walking and nodding politly to everyone.  There are muslim women with head covering everywhere all of the time and every couple of days women in the full robes and head scarves.  Every Friday and Saturday all of our Jewish neighbors walk everywhere and our town has the hanging line over it which officially makes it okay for Orthodox women to carry thier children to synagouge.  At my favorite restraunt, which is owned by a Buddist family, there are statues and insense and we always see Buddist monks eating there, and often the men in yamukahs with their wives in hats and the Muslim families, because that restaraunt is also okay for the dietary needs of both of those groups.  I would no more associate the average religous muslim, and we have muslim friends in our neighborhood, in our homeschool group, on our soccer teams at story time at the library, every time we are at the store or out to eat or take the dog for a walk with a terrorist then I would identify myself or any of my Christian friends or family with David Kiressh (sp?), or my Jewish friedns with that crazy guy who thinks god is telling him that he is the reincarnation of King David. My issues: I do not think we can vote to take away people’s civil rights that have already been declared constitutional, and I think it is a sin to continue this stupid war that over half of our much needed budget is going to and I would sooner vote for Dracula than Sarah Palin, or any other woman with under aged kids, even if I agreed with them on anything.  Poverty, health care, ending the War, global warming- these are my main issues and I feel like Obama is the right guy for the job.  I have to admit, Hillary was my first choice.  I was hoping for Obama for VP and then Pres in 8, but I really like him too.  My Dad who is a life long Baptist style, Reagan Republican is also voting for Obama (shocked me so much I spilled my coffee!) because he likes his decision making process, global perspective and economic plan the best and these are what he cares about the most. I agree, and the first two are important to me.  I think that his type of leadership will be the Thomas Jefferson type, which is what we need for the world we are in, but to be honest my Dad’s third point, the  economy is not that important to me.  However the other things that I mentioned, social justice and compassion, helping the poor, those are my main concerns and to me the things that, as a Christian, I am most obligated to focus on.  It seems to me that those were the things that Christ focused most on in his teachings and earthly ministry.I also think that we tend to have very narrow perspectives here in this country compared to a lot of the world and I am always interested to hear the point of view of friends from elsewhere.  We are the only western country in the Christians tend to be more right wing.  In most of the world, except certain LAtin American countries where the church has sometiems supported the right wing death squads in order to “fight communism”, it is the Christians who take the lead in issues of typical left wing concern like health, equality, education, peace, caring for the poor, the welfare of children.  In this country it is Christians who used to do that as well.  Christians, and a lot of them were women, fought for peace, fair labor laws, better health care and education for everyone, but particularly the poor, civil rights etc.  these were all left wing christian causes, so I guess I’m just an old fashoined girl!  LOL!Okay, there, I said some stuff.  I hope to God, that I did not offend you.  I really do like you and enjoy hearing your perspective (in fact I hear it from a lot of my friends!  lol) even if I do no agree most of the time and sometimes do not even understand it or believe it.  I still enjoy the intellectual exercise of listening to the other side.  And I enjoyed you way before this whole political thing became our topic.  I am sure we can survive it.

  3. homefire says:

    Elizabeth~ Your neighborhood sounds fascinating!    I love seeing different lifestyles and customs.I admit that I hesitated to say that because it makes me sound intolerant (gasp!) and I know there are probably large numbers of perfectly lovely Muslim people who I would enjoy talking with.  However, I simply can’t get past the fact that the Qur’an mandates the practice of jihad, so any truly devout Muslim believes that I must die if I won’t embrace Islam.  Don’t you see that that makes it impossible for a Muslim to lead a nation that is largely Christian?  That’s what makes Islam different from the Hindu, Buddhist, or Jewish faiths–it is INtolerant.I confess I don’t know a great deal about economics or global affairs, so I don’t really judge a candidate on those things.  I agree that poverty and health care are vital issues, and I’m against war in general, but I am shaking my head about the global warming thing.  Have you spent a lot of time researching that?    Just curious, because as you may have read, I think it’s a huge scam–a way to relieve us of more money!  I am in favor of being good stewards of our natural resources, but I do NOT believe the earth is on the verge of disaster, at least not from that.  In fact, I think I just read the other day that we’re in a cooling cycle right now.Your statement about “left-wing Christian causes” is really interesting.  I think that one of the main problems with our country is that we have allowed the state to take over too much of the health, education, child care, and poverty relief.  That’s exactly why I don’t like Obama’s ideas–because it will lead to increased state control in those areas.  I firmly believe that those things should be privatized again.   I agree that it is the church’s work to care for the poor and fatherless, and to our shame, we are allowing the government to do it instead.  Rather than increasing those programs that only make people more dependent on the state, I would like to see programs that encourage a man to work so that he can eat.  (2 Thes 3:10-12)  Jesus didn’t give the poor people money so they didn’t have to work, he healed them and made them strong so that they could work!  So can I ask…is abortion one of the civil rights that you don’t want to see taken away?  Because I can’t think what else you may be referring to.Now I have to say that I considered cutting and pasting your last paragraph here!    I feel exactly the same way, and you haven’t offended me at all.  After all, I asked!  I am truly trying to understand your point of view, because it’s just fascinating to me.  I am beginning to think that it is a matter of what we read and who we listen to that makes the most difference in our views.  Much as I would like to think that I am making all my own decisions, we are ALL very influenced by media, and which sources you choose to believe makes a huge difference!  Just like the global warming thing.  Neither of us have done the research (I don’t think!) but we choose which view sounds the most reasonable to us.  I just hope I haven’t offended you now!  Thanks for answering my questions–I do appreciate it! 

  4. homefire says:

    @fwren – yeah, I thought, too, that looked weird!  I just assumed that the place I copied it from was right.  Is it??? 

  5. BooksForMe says:

    I like the first quote.  The second…well, I think that’s relative. LOL  There are some differences I really don’t care to be enriched by—and don’t find very enriching! 

  6. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – Good point!    However, I do think that most differences can be enriching in some way, if viewed right.  Even when I am faced with something that is totally repulsive to me, it can strengthen and reinforce what I believe.

  7. BooksForMe says:

    @homefire – You’re a true optimist! 

  8. LOL- I enjoyed the back and forth concerning the second quote.  I have to say that I took your view on it and was going to ask if I could steal it for my header since I don’t have anything there and think that the quote sort of encompasses what xanga is all about.

  9. homefire says:

    @MeNyouandadognamedWilma – Hey, that’s a really good idea for a header!  Steal away. 

  10. AngelAware says:

    Very good quotes I like the second one alot

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