The Ruse

In CS Lewis’s The Last Battle, the good-hearted but naive inhabitants of Narnia throw away their cherished civilization by falling for a shabby ruse perpetrated by a few cunning and unprincipled characters…  You just want to shake them and say, “Don’t you see what you’re falling for?”  Nevertheless, as the con men ruthlessly play on the doubts and fears of the Narnia folk, their lies take hold, and the light of civilization goes out. 

Haven’t we in America done exactly the same thing?  Look at the shabby ruse we’ve fallen for.  We’ve traded Western civilization for vain delusions, cheap thrills, and laughably illogical doctrines.  Like the townsfolk in The Emperor’s New Clothes, we all know the king is wearing no clothes, but we play along out of fear and intimidation.  We’re afraid of confrontation, of losing the love and approval of others, of being labeled “judgmental,” “racist,” “bigoted,” or “homophobic.”  So we quietly allow our minds to be twisted as we surrender our former beliefs and bequeath an unknown country to our children and grandchildren.

How strange.  Out of the thousands of years of suffering and oppression that comprise human history, a light burns brightly for just a couple of hundred years.  The American experiment:  a revolutionary idea that the common man can be free, master of his own government, so long as he himself is ruled by God.  For a short time, this brilliant young country dazzles all the world and all of history, not just with its power and productivity and progress, but with its goodness.

And then, out of pure hatred–the same rage and rebellion institutionalized in communism, Nazism, and all the other “isms” that have paved the world’s roads with corpses throughout the last century–haters of truth scheme to extinguish this shining light.  So they concoct an absurd, fantastic ruse–that animals should have the same rights as human beings, that white people are inherently racist and oppressive, that self-destructive sexual compulsions are perfectly normal and noble.  Each passing year brings new and more bizarre delusions being held up as truth.

How much stranger that we’ve bought it.

Can we get the real America back?  Only time will tell.  But if we do, it very likely will be due to the efforts of the current generation, which still has some memory of the real America.

~David Kupelian in The Marketing of Evil


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8 Responses to The Ruse

  1. Anonymous says:

    Powerful stuff.  And VERY true!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So very true!!  I wonder who will listen when someone finally stands up and says, “He has no clothes!”  I’m sure no one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    But when we shout “he has no clothes” they will say were are being racist and to sit down, shut up and not be hateful.

  4. @Hecalmsthestorm – @Papillon_Mom – @standingonthepromises –  I agree with what the three of you have said

  5. Yep, the emperor has no clothes and not many are willing to shout he is naked.  Most churches won’t do it, and when someone dares to shout “He’s naked”, they are many times called down, put down or put on the spot mercilessly, and many times they are simply ignored.  They are punished for speaking out and often by their own… I wonder what some will do when their daughters are drafted because of folks like Obama being in power?  I wonder what some will do when it is they in a nursing home and it’s too much trouble to keep them alive?  Thank you for posting this. This is great, I’ve often said so much of what goes on is like the Emporor’s New Clothes story.  I’ll be sure to email this article to myself for others to read.  And thank you so much for your sweet comments and prayers.  Blessings and appreciation.   ~Amelia

  6. homefire says:

    @Hecalmsthestorm – @Papillon_Mom – @standingonthepromises – @Kristenmomof3 – @thats_italian –   Thanks to all of you for your encouragement.  I am LOVING this book! 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Excellent quote!I remember that back in the 80’s I heard some Christians wish that the Church was more like the Church of the First Century.  Well, it seems as though our culture is reforming itself to the pagan culture of the First Century, but will the Church reform itself in response to it?  I think that the question of whether America can be brought back to itself depends on the response — or lack of response — of God’s people.

  8. perelandra30 says:

    The worst thing about this is that he is not only naked and it is recognized but that others are taking off their clothing so that they will be naked along with the emperor.  I think I would like to get that book and read the rest of it.

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