This site says it well

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Obama can find a lot of information at the American Thinker

Thanks to waiting_for_the_final_trumpet for recommending it.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this, it makes sense doesn’t it?  Blessings!   

  2. Yes, thanks for sharing.

  3. gsmith03 says:

    Communism and Marxism are ideas that are definitely to the left on the political spectrum.  Liberalism is also on the left side of that spectrum.  Since Democrats tend to be more liberal, they would be more left, and therefore closer to communism and Marxism in their ideas than a Republican typically is.  Every election it seems that some candidate (usually the Democrat, naturally) is compared to someone like Josef Stalin.  I personally find it hypocritical that Republicans, who are the self-proclaimed champions of “small government,” have plenty of big government ideas of their own.  They want to have the goverment meddle in the private affairs of people in all sorts of ways, such as when it comes to abortion, gay marriage, and religious ideas.  This is not even mentioning the Patriot Act, which can completely strip the rights and freedoms of any individual just because it deems them as an “enemy combatant,” a very vague term to say the least.  I can definitely see some elements of communism in that.The question is is there really anything wrong with studying communist ideas?  The last I checked, this was a free country and every person was free to study and believe whatever he or she wanted.  Is there really anything wrong with having contact with people who may have unpopular viewpoints?  If you dug enough, I am sure you can connect any person to a number of shady characters, but that doesn’t mean it holds any water.  A lot of this also stems from the notion that communism is pure evil, that everything about it is completely wrong and any hint of it should be avoided at all costs.  Yes, I don’t think that communism is a good form of government, at least not the forms that have been practiced in world history.However, we need to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater here.  What if there are some good ideas in communism and command economies, just not carried to the extremes like they have been in the past?  Every person providing their strengths, contributing their part for the whole, doesn’t seem to be all that bad of an idea.  For example, the early Christians routinely practiced the “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” philosophy.  As with any form of government (or with anything, for that matter) the problem is the people element, not the ideas.  I’m sure you have heard the saying, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  People by nature tend to be greedy and power-hungry, and so in the communist system (as seen with the Soviet Union) this will cause problems.  If the people in charge are corrupt (in even the slightest sense) they can easily manipulate the system in their favor to the detriment of the masses.  The ideas are sound (albeit a bit idealistic) but it is THE PEOPLE that are corrupt.But let’s also look at the other extreme with pure capitalism and market economies.  Yes, every person has a choice in what they do, and everyone has the freedom to become great.  In this type of system greed actually causes the economy to flourish, because the desire for profit causes people to work harder and therefore makes the economy run better.  If people weren’t greedy capitalism wouldn’t work so well.  So something that most people would define as bad actually helps makes a lot of things better.  But even though the economy will flourish, without regulation it is very possible for all the money to end up in the hands of the few (and money has a habit of corrupting people).  With all of that money, it is obviously very easy to manipulate the system, and so once again a few corrupt people have all the power while the masses suffer.  Once again, the ideas have quite a bit of merit, but it is THE PEOPLE that are corrupt.Clearly, there has to be some middle ground here.  You can’t have total government intervention in everything, but you can’t be completely laissez faire either.  So there needs to be somewhat of a mix of the two; how much of each is the relevant conundrum.  If there is too much government intervention then we would need to be studying and implementing ways to release the grip a bit.  If there is too little government intervention then we would need to be studying and implementing ways to tighten the grip a bit.  So if Obama thinks that there is too little government intervention, wouldn’t it therefore make sense that he would be studying ways to increase the grip of the government ever so slightly?  How can he do that without having contact with people who believe and discuss that?  To play devil’s advocate, if he thought their ideas were wrong and needed to be stopped, what better way to find out how to do it than learning from them directly?I am sure my ideas will not be popular, but I wanted to throw out an opposing viewpoint.

  4. homefire says:

    @gsmith03 – You present some very good thoughts.  I agree completely with what you said on communism.  It has some great ideas, but it won’t work because people are greedy.  Ditto capitalism.  I believe, though, and history bears me out, that the potential for corruption is much greater in a communist government.  It seems to implode faster, because the only way for it to work is for the people in leadership to be selfless, which people are not.  Capitalism, on the other hand, naturally includes some checks and balances because of its competitive element.As you said, communism seemed to work well for the early Christians, but perhaps that was because they were Christians.  Capitalism worked well when we were a mostly Christian nation, but as that eroded, so has our system.  The bottom line is that, as people become more corrupt (and yes, I believe that is directly related to their lack of Christianity ) the system breaks down.That’s not to say that professed Christians are never corrupt–obviously that’s not true.  But if people are truly trying to live as Jesus taught, then their social structures work.  When they deviate from that standard, the society crumbles.  Without God, there is no moral standard, and when there is no moral standard, there is no reason for people to honor one another.  When there is no honor between people, there is no peace.

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