Christmas is Coming

Okay, so maybe I’m rushing the season a little, but this article just caught my eye.    At risk of being branded a radical, I’m going to recommend it. 

The thing I found most interesting were the suggestions of a Wicca priestess on how to celebrate Yule, the winter solstice.  I was struck by how little we would really have to change…


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3 Responses to Christmas is Coming

  1. BooksForMe says:

    Interesting read.  I wonder if Christians who are trying to change the culture aren’t making the same mistake foreign missionaries used to make.  I mean, where is the bad fruit of using Christmas to celebrate Christ’s birth?  How many Christians have become Wiccans, because they grew up with Christmas trees and believing Jesus was born on December 25th?  I have been thinking about Christmas a lot, though.

  2. sky_gel says:

    I believe that Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus. The true spirit of Christmas is giving love to one another and sharing our blessings to others. Some people are changing the real meaning of Christmas.

  3. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – @sky_gel – I’ve always thought it was rather harmless to celebrate the birth of Christ when we do, even though he almost definitely wasn’t born then, but I am amazed that so many of our Christmas customs are straight from the pagans.  In Acts 15, the Christians were given only 4 directives, and none of them were anything new.  They were all simply instruction to NOT do pagan things.  Consuming meat offered to idols, sexual immorality, etc, were all things that they had done as part of their pagan worship.  So I guess that says to me that God wants to be worshipped in His own way, not in the ways that they were accustomed to serving their other gods.  That’s why this sort of set me back.I’ve heard all the arguments about Saturnalia, etc, before, but God clearly says that observance of particular days is not a big deal (Col 2:16) and frankly, celebrating the birth of the Light of the World at the time when days start getting longer seems like a pretty good idea in the dark of winter!  However, this did make me think a bit about whether some aspects of our celebration ought to be re-evaluated.

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