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I really don’t have time to hang out here, but today I happened onto a blog that I thought was truly worthwhile.  I love Randy Alcorn’s books, and his blog is great, too.  Check it out here .  Not only the latest entry, but several others are also excellent.

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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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11 Responses to Randy Alcorn’s Blog

  1. bwebbjr says:

    I have struggled with his blog entries but absolutely love some of his books:  Safely Home, Lord Foulgrin’s Letter, The Grace and Truth Paradox and I found his book Why Pro-Life? to be extremely insightful. And I really like his testimony about how he is compensated for his work and why …

  2. homefire says:

    @bwebbjr – Hmmm, you’re making me wonder what you struggled with.    I only skimmed the first page, so maybe I missed something that was objectionable?  Safely Home is solidly on my list of most excellent novels, and I really enjoyed Deadline and Dominion, too.  I’m wanting to read the new one.

  3. georgene says:

    I saw your ‘footprints’ on my site and thought I’d stop by for a short visit. LOVE Randy Alcorn… His book on Heaven is one of my favorites and I think the other one is called The Treasure Principle? (I’ve been up since 3 so my brain is kind of foggy!) Also enjoyed The Grace & Truth Paradox!

  4. bwebbjr says:

    @homefire – Please don’t misunderstand … I am not questioning Randy’s integrity or what he writes or his heart for Christ.  But for years I have been in a period of my life where I see real issues in the institutional church when tested against Scripture … and he is a still an institutional church kind of guy.  The church described in Scripture looks much differently to me than the church history has built.  So more than anything I just don’t really always connect with what he is writing … I subscribed for a while … Anyway the struggle per se, is more my issue than his … hope that helps you understand.  I’m a bit outside the box … like I said, there are a number of his books I absolutely love … Lord Foulgrin’s Letters and The Ishbane Conspiracy(?) are profoundly insightful regarding the schemes of the enemy … and Safely Home is beyond compare

  5. AngelAware says:

    Ok, I’ll go check it out  Thanks.

  6. Howdy1  I saw that you stopped by the Campfire earlier, and I wanted to drop in and let you know that it was great to see you there, and you’re welcome back anytime!  I’m glad you liked the song too!Cowboy

  7. homefire says:

    @bwebbjr – outside the box is good, in my opinion, at least.    Dh and I are also becoming more and more convinced that church as we know it isn’t quite what the Bible describes, so I understand.  And I’ve never even heard of the Ishbane Conspiracy–I missed that one completely!  Another one to add to my wish list. 

  8. bwebbjr says:

    @homefire – it is a continuation of the book Lord Foulgrin’s Letters … and focused on the schemes of the enemy to lead the college aged away from Jesus … the two books are very similar and my copies have underlines all over the place.Follow where God leads you my friend … follow where God leads.

  9. …. oh, i didn’t completely play hookie, i still home schooled my daughters, but after i fed them lunch, the sitter arrived & i was out the door.i went to a camera store, looked around, talked to the owner, bought a lens cover… went to some small shops & window shopped… went to garden ridge, bought a few things i’d been needing… went to old navy, bought the hubby a hoodie… stopped @ starbucks, and enjoyed a drink all by myself… then came home 3.5 hours later to relieve my exhausted baby sitter and to cook dinner & to exercise & edit & do dishes…. you should totally escape – i dare you!:)

  10. mamaglop says:

    I’ve been thinking about Sarah Palin a lot.  I wonder if she’s ever heard of Nutrivene D?  Check it out… I had a baby in the age where an amnio would be standard but the doctor knew better than to suggest it to me… Thank God, I didn’t need it but I was ready to get started on Nutirivene D as soon as possible if I did.

  11. I noticed that you subscribed!  I am honoured!  I hope that the poetry you read and the conversations we have serve to point us both closer to the One that I serve:  Jesus Christ!Saddle Up!  Let’s Ride!Cowboy

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