Who, Media?

My dad used to say, “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see,” or something like that.  I had to think of it today when I read this_article.  What IS a person to believe?   It’s been obvious for years that the American media is biased, but I just started wondering why??  Who’s in charge?  Who is pulling the strings? 

In Hitler’s Germany, propaganda was widely used and very successful, but in that case there was a dictator in charge who was calling the shots.  Here in America, where there is wide diversity of opinion, seemingly even in the government, why is it that propaganda also flourishes?  Yes, you see a few renegades who write op-ed pieces that go against the status quo, but overall, the media has a fairly consistent bias, which does not seem to be the same as the opinion of John Doe, average American.  So who is setting the policy?  Who is deciding to emphasize certain events and downplay others?  (edit:  check this for an example)

No eerie music and shadowy hints of a conspiracy theory here–I’m just honestly curious!  The power of the written (or spoken) word has long been a fascination of mine, and this simply doesn’t add up.  How does it happen that a huge percentage of media people are so far left of the majority of the population?  Or am I completely wrong about that?


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6 Responses to Who, Media?

  1. Anonymous says:

    What an excellent question.  If you expand it though you can ask the same question of most of the academia in the U.S.  They are very liberal, most especially in the colleges.  Let me ask you this.  If you set out to change the way a nation thinks and believes what would you do?  I think ultimately, after you think about if for a while, you would have to agree the way to change a nation is to start with the youth.  You then would influence an entire generation.  Oh, you would not do it all at once.  You would indoctrinate each generation a little bit more.  Remember the saying about dropping a frog in boiling water and it jumps out but put him in cold water and turn on the heat and he never jumps out.  He dies.  That is what is happening.  Each generation is being influenced just a little bit more.  Throw away God and teach the kids they are animals and then let the media tell them how to think.  Conspiracy?  No.  It is a deliberate attempt to bring down our nation by getting rid of God.  Who would want to do that?  I think there is the answer to your question.

  2. homefire says:

    @Hecalmsthestorm – Good answer, Brad!  Which of course goes along with my recent rant about the NEA…

  3. roamingchile says:

    As a journalist on sabbatical, I’ll give you my 2 cents.The grunts (reporters, photographers) tend to lean to the left. Why? you ask.Brad makes an interesting point about the leftism of college education. I attended fairly conservativeconcervative Texas A&M and still encountered liberal philosophies, much of it preached by professors. I won’t even guess why many professors lean to the left. Back to journalists… and I can only speak of newspaper journalists. The TV ones are a different animal much derided by their printed-word cousins (watching the 6 and 10 newscasts was a MST3K-like break in one newsroom I worked in).Modern journalism, the craft of newsgathering taught in schools and newsrooms, is based on skepticism. I was already a questioner as a child… one of those who always asked why and wanted a real answer… with references. If you ask my friends and family, they might say this trait was magnified after my college education was complete and probably more so after several years in the newspaper industry.So, because we are taught to question everything, often the first to suffer maybe moral and religious foundations.Why socialism and such? I can’t answer that. Well, I’ll try. The problem with intellectuals is that they begin to think too much… and somehow end up humanists. A post by PreciousOnyx about evolution gives a prime example. Darwin, not wanting to deal with the death of his daughter, thought and thought until he eliminated the need for God as creator and therefore as authority. If there is no God to provide for us, we must provide for us… but we are weak as individuals. The only authority left is government and so government must provide all. Again, they’ve ignored the truth that governmental authority stems from God, too (Romans 13).I do know that my positions on some political planks soften after working for a paper that focused on the plight of the immigrant (both legal and illegal). I believe in the rule of law, but I have to balance that with the compassion that grows as I grow closer to Jesus. Some journalists fall into that category of wanting to help all those they see hurting (without God, newspaper work can be depressing and demoralizing), but again they seek man for an answer, not God. So socialism and it’s sibling philosophies rise to the top.

  4. PreciousOnyx says:

    The nature of the human condition. Eve was tempted with having knowledge without God by eating of the forbidden fruit. And because Satan is the “prince of the power of the air” (kind of ironic that we call being on tv “on the air”, huh?) is still in dominion over fallen man he tends to get his way regarding what we hear and don’t hear. America wasn’t always this way, which is why so many conservative Christians are pushing for a return to constitutionalism in our government. Our founders warned that Americans must remain a religious (and specifically a Christian) people in order for our radically free democratic republic to hold together. We are seeing now for ourselves what happens when we abandon God in the public sphere. Every year, more and more school shootings- and the media will blame video games or gun ownership as the culprit rather than pointing out the problem of sin. Every year, more and more scandals and infringments on our most basic rights such as life and freedom of thought bc the PC police are hard at work to silence Christians.Check out WND.com, they have all sorts of info on stuff like this. Two books I also recommend are, “Criminalization of Christianity” by Janet Folger and “Stop the Presses” by Joseph Farrah (sp?). Also, I highly recommend subscribing to WND’s monthly magazine- “Whistleblower.” They do their very best to get the news to people that they won’t hear on primetime or in the national newspapers.

  5. Good points.  I wasn’t sure what to make of the article.  It seems like all of history–current and old–come through someone’s filter. Who to trust? Who to believe?

  6. homefire says:

    @TeacherPerson – Yes, everything we read DOES come through someone’s filter.  No one is unbiased, even if they truly want to be.  Every history book or magazine article we read has been written from someone’s perspective.  Every TV report has a slant, even if it only gives facts.  The way that the facts are presented and which aspects are emphasized can make a huge difference.Have you ever read The Light and the Glory (conservative Christian American history book?)  Comparing it to what *I* learned in school is almost comical, and they’re probably neither very close to the truth.  Here is an interesting site I found  http://www.mediaresearch.org/ 

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