The 51st Annual Mackinac Bridge Walk

Yesterday our family and some friends walked the Mackinac_Bridge which is the longest suspension bridge in the Western hemisphere–all but my 16 yr old son, who was sick.    It was a great day with perfect weather and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  It only took us about an hour and a half to walk the five miles, but with the drive and waiting in line, plus a little shopping afterwards  it ended up being a very big day. 

Every year on Labor Day, they close half the bridge to vehicle traffic and allow people to walk it.  The walk starts at 7 am, so we wanted to get there early, but since it’s a 4 hour drive, that makes an awfully early morning.  We left at 3 AM, but by the time we got to Mackinaw City, parked, walked, and waited in line an hour for a bus to take us to the north end of the bridge, it was 8:30.  It took half an hour to cross the bridge on the bus, so we didn’t actually start walking until 9:00.  This picture is from their website, and shows the view that I really wanted to see–from the very top of one of the towers!  Wouldn’t it be cool to be up there?  I could see some very tiny-looking people standing up there 300 feet above us yesterday, and I was jealous.


I didn’t take my camera because I wanted NO extra encumbrances beyond my water bottle, but my youngest daughter has pictures, so I may borrow a few whenever she gets them on the computer. 

I came home with a certificate proclaiming me bridgewalker #20,922, a wonderfully soft fuzzy blue sweater, and a blister between my toes, and we all want to go back next year! 


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5 Responses to The 51st Annual Mackinac Bridge Walk

  1. jacsnews says:

    That must have been a fantastic experience!!  Glad you got to enjoy it.  The picture is awesome!God bless ~Judy

  2. bwebbjr says:

    That sounds so cool … I love suspension bridges and once walked across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, also ran across one or two in the NYC Marathon in the 80’s … all quite amazing considering my fear of heights.  Really sounds like you had a great family experience … I am going to have to put that on my list of places to visit.  Thanks for sharing your experience and the picture.God bless!Bernie

  3. fwren says:

    There is no way I would be jealous of the people up top ~ it would be difficult enough for me to be on the bridge itself ~ I rather like my feet on terra firma ~

  4. I almost envy you!  That’s one thing I’d love to do some day.  Life is so cruel… it never gave me an opportunity to be there on that day (with a tongue in cheek).  I’d also love to take a look from top of these “towers”!!  Not my dearest, he even won’t fly.

  5. I remember going over that bridge one year on vacation.  My Mom was totally freaked out the whole time, she’s terrified of heights. 

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