I hate books that leave you feeling icky.  And I didn’t think the ending was believable at all. 


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12 Responses to Icky

  1. Anonymous says:

    So I am taking that as a non recommend?

  2. I checked it out.  Horror story book?  No thanks.  I definately do not want to try to walk the murder’s walk in order to FIND him!!

  3. I used to finish every book I began, but now Life is too short to finish stupid books.  

  4. I don’t like any of his books. Blech. 

  5. Having read House, I think I will avoid Ted Dekker novels. Lame and unbelievable, even for fantasy/horror/mystery.

  6. lglavy says:

    I read one of his books and felt the same way.  I decided he wasn’t on my read list anymore.  They mess with your mind and certainly don’t leave me feeling like the time was well spent.  When you love to read like i do, you have to be discerning 🙂 ……”is this book going to draw me to the Lord or make me feel unsettled?”

  7. mom1945 says:

    I did enjoy his book “Three” but the others I had trouble staying interested in. Maybe I’m not smart enough to appreciate them but they seem kind of disjointed along with being pretty violent. Those who appreciate his style of writting say there is a good message in them but it takes too much violance to to get to the message. I agree, life is too short to wade through difficult books to the end just for the sake of finishing. And like glavy, they left me feeling unsettled and didn’t draw me Spiritually!

  8. homefire says:

    @mom1945 – @lglavy – @TeacherPerson – @esperanzaenDios – @LifeNeedsProtection – @mjh905 – @Hecalmsthestorm – Hmm. Interesting that this provoked so many comments!  I actually really enjoyed a lot of his books.  I absolutely loved the Circle trilogy–just a great story and intrigued my mind like nothing had in a long time!  And Thr3e, while it definitely does mess with your mind, was psychologically fascinating enough that I will never forget it.  I avoided House because it just looked horrid, and should have done the same to this one.  Skin was another one that left me feeling totally yuck–had an absolutely horrible ending.  Seems like I either love his books or I hate them.  This one had too much description of ritual abuse and demon possession, I guess.  That stuff can just depress me.  Sort of like the video I recently watched about abortion–some things I think I’m better off having only a vague idea about, and don’t need the details.As for his message…The Circle trilogy has some great spiritual parallels, and it’s just fascinating, mind-bending, and wonderful.  The Martyr series also were challenging that way, emotional, and a compelling read (and not fantasy, if you have trouble with that.)  This one?  Well, it ends up with an exorcism which I found totally unreal, frankly.  Not that the circumstances couldn’t happen, but I do NOT believe that an exorcism would be successful if the priest is the only person present who is a believer.  The possessed people and the support person were all unbelievers (though of course the possessed had found out they were wrong about the forces of evil, they hadn’t accepted Jesus Christ, and never called on Him) and I just can’t quite swallow that a demon would come out in those circumstances.  And you never hear of a renewed life after the exorcism, which bothered me as well.  Of course, since I know nothing about demon possession, maybe I shouldn’t be evaluating his story?  But it just didn’t ring true with me.

  9. BooksForMe says:

    From what I’ve read so far, Thr3e and House, I’m not a Dekkar fan.  However, I don’t think I’ve read enough to decide.  I’d like to read the Circle trilogy. I think this man has been exposed to some things, through his parents’ ministry and life on the mission field, that give hims a very unique perspective.   

  10. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – I think you’re right that Dekker has experiences that I’m clueless about.  That’s why I’m not really sure that I should criticize his exorcism scene, but it’s just so different than I’ve always believed it had to be.  And now that I think about why, I’m questioning myself.  I’ve always heard that an exorcism needs to be surrounded by prayer warriors or those trying to perform the rite may be overpowered.  But why would that be?  Greater is he that is in ME that he that is the world, right?  So why wouldn’t one believer be able to perform an exorcism?  It certainly should be possible.  But I also have always believed that the person who is posessed would have to call on Jesus in order to expel the demon, which didn’t happen in this book.  What do you think?  I’ve been sort of tossing it around in my brain, and not sure.

  11. BooksForMe says:

    @homefire – I haven’t read Adam, so I am not familiar with that scene.  I know for a fact it doesn’t take more than one person to expel a demon, not only from the testimony of others, but from Christ’s example.  He was man when he cast the demons from that man and into the swine.  Difference was he was a man of faith, prayer, and fasting. There was no secret sin in His life.  And, He had no doubt of what the Father could do.  The problem I have with Dekkar from the books I have read so far is that I don’t think he brings enough glory to Christ.  I think he gives a lot of glory to Satan’s power.  I’ve read a lot of Peretti, and he always draws a clear line between the powers of heaven and hell.  Peretti’s books leave me glorifying God.  Dekkar’s books leave me scared.  I don’t think Christians writer’s should strive so much to be mainsream that they compromise the power of Christ over the Enemy.  However, like I said, I’ve read only one of his books, and one he co-wrote with Peretti. So, I don’t know if I can judge.  As much I would like to check out other books, though, I’m not sure it’s right for me.  Do I really want to spend so much time reading about how powerful Satan is?  Do I want to fll my mind and spirit with this stuff?  I mean, if he doesn’t want to put a strong Christian message in his books, that’s fine.  Just don’t put such a strong satanic message.Also, in Thr3e, I really did not like his depiction of schizophrenia as a psychological problem, and not a spiritual problem.  Bottom line? I wish there were more writers like Peretti!

  12. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – I agree that he tends to not emphasize the power of God enough, at least in his thrillers.  That was my biggest problem with this book.  I thought the ending at least should have shown how the power of God changed their lives from then on, but instead it just sort of trailed off.  It was almost like his only point was to make people believe that evil spirits are real.  Not that there’s not a need for that, but he should also make it perfectly clear that the power of God is much greater, and we can resist evil, rather than waiting to be rescued by some convenient exorcist!I’d recommend that you read the Martyr series, at least the first one.  It’s pretty gruesome, and it really tore me up, but I remember loving it.  The Circle trilogy is good, but read it all together.  The first one ends rotten, and you need to go straight on to the next or you will hate it.     “I know for a fact it doesn’t take more than one person to expel a demon,     not only from the testimony of others, but from Christ’s example.”  I know that Jesus did it, but that alone doesn’t convince me that anyone else can do it on their own,  After all, he walked on water, and I have never heard of anyone else doing that!    But you do know of people who have cast out demons alone?  

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