Vessels in the Master’s Use

After reading Judy’s latest post I wandered off onto a rabbit-trail in my mind.  She wrote about vessels–how we are vessels, but all different shapes and sizes and colors and materials.  At first I pictured a shelf with all kinds of pots and such sitting around, then realized that was all wrong.  We’re here to be used by the Master, not set on a shelf to be admired.  And my next mental picture was one that I just keep going back to and enjoying. 

Have you ever seen a water_clock ?  They are amazing and fascinating.  It’s a large conglomeration of containers of many shapes and sizes, some of which are filled with water.  The one in the link above is fun to watch, but it’s hard to get the whole picture, because it’s a pretty complicated process.  And yet, in a way, it’s simple.  (For a simpler version, check out this )  The Children’s_Museum in Indianapolis has a good one in the lobby, and this page esplains it briefly. 

A water clock works like this:  One container is filled with water.  When it gets full, it tips or overflows into another container.  When that one gets full, the water goes into another container.  And on and on–you get the picture.  And by looking at which containers are full at any given moment, you can tell the time of day. 

But the thing that captured my fancy was that it’s sort of the same way God works with us.  He fills us, and we overflow into someone else, and the chain reaction goes on.  We aren’t just vessels sitting on the shelf so that passers-by can admire the craftsmanship and beautiful lines.  We are being filled and pouring out, over and over and over…


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3 Responses to Vessels in the Master’s Use

  1. Neat description!  When I teach Sunday School, I always remind my crew that they are “vessels of the holy” and that we carry God within us to others.  That really changes the way you feel about yourself……

  2. homefire says:

    @brokenbindings2 – ohhh, very neat way of putting it!  Thanks!

  3. jacsnews says:

    What a great way to describe a vessel that is fit to be used by God!  As I have never seen such a clock, I was totally unaware of this kind of vessel.  And, yes, when you begin to think of all of the different kinds of vessels that are necessary in our world, it does give us a bigger picture of all the kinds of vessels God can and does use.  Thanks for sharing this analogy.  God bless ~Judy

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