This is Education?

I received an e-mail today alerting me to this article about the NEA and the resolutions they passed at their latest convention.  I have to wonder how many people who support them really know what they’re supporting.  Not one of the resolutions in the article had anything to do with giving children a better education.  The only items which addressed education at all were pointed at teaching them about “safe” sex and “diversity,” which is a cute code name for a homosexual lifestyle.  They want both of those to be pushed on even preschool children.  Most of the other resolutions had to do with making sure your children are in their control at a younger age, for more hours, and letting the school become doctor, counselor, and mentor for your child. 

Why is this teacher’s union not concerned about the fact that large numbers of children are graduating from high school unable to read?  Why are they not discussing ways to teach children to be better communicators, better thinkers?  Why is it that so many children fall through the cracks?  Can it be because the powers-that-be are far more concerned with promoting their own agendas of gay and promiscuous lifestyles than they are with actually educating your children?

What does NEA stand for, anyway?  No Education Allowed? 

Why aren’t parents across America screaming in protest?  Is it because this movement actually started during OUR growing-up years, and we’re too stupid to realize what’s happening?  Our education system has accomplished a lot–perhaps more than we think.  Maybe they’ve turned us into automatons who accept what they’re told by the media, who do what the teachers tell them to, who go to work, receive their paychecks, and spend them, never questioning that this is the best way to live. 

Am I wrong?  Prove it!  Just for starters, did you actually read the article?  Are you trying to find out all you can about this?  Do you CARE?

Okay, sorry.  This just hit me very hard.  Down from the soapbox, now.  I will try to quit ranting.

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13 Responses to This is Education?

  1. SpazzyMommy says:

    It’s so grievious isn’t it? Even though my children are NOT and hopefully (with the help of God never will be) in Public Institutes of Education……the devil is so very shrewd. He knows what he’s doing and has the upperhand on this one…..ignorance.-Cass

  2. Skimmed the article.  Of course, I would teach “safe” sex and “diversity” to our girls.  Get your mind out of gutter first and listen please before you rant once again.  My plan on how to teach these to my precious girls is….. according to God’s point of view which happen to be contained in Holy Bible.  I much prefer to teach values myself…. not the government.  If my girls MUST go to public school… then the longer I can put it off, the better!!  Is it possible to go underground with schooling own children?I truly pity those whose parents have no desire or doesn’t know how to teach children solid values!!

  3. BooksForMe says:

    “No Education Allowed”  <—-OK…now, to be serious:  HELP!  This is why I want to poke sticks in my eyes when I read Christian women talk about homeschooling as being so wrong.  God help us!  Christians who think they are evangelizing the world by sending their little ones into the public school system are deceived.  I pray their eyes will be opened.  They will lucky to have children who still believe in God and the sanctity of the Word of God by the time they graduate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You need to stay on that soap box.   I was shocked as I read the article.  “NEA resolutions include all the major feminist goals such as “the right to reproductive freedom”Now they are trying to push abortion?  Unbelievable….

  5. gsmith03 says:

    I did read the article, though it has an obvious slant toward the right.I think part of teaching our children how to think and to make them better people is to encourage them not to be judgmental or homophobic.  Besides, whether you like it or not, there are homosexuals in our society, homosexual teachers at that, and so unless you are saying that homosexuals should not be teachers (very discriminatory), the children are going to encounter it.  They need to be able to at least deal with it, otherwise any teaching from a homosexual will not be fruitful.  Teaching them about an “alternative lifestyle” not only prepares them for when they encounter it, but it also allows them to develop their own opinions on it now.  It also encourages open-mindedness, which is a virtue in my opinion.  By not teaching them about it, and being so adamantly against it, you teach your children to be closed-minded, something I think which should be avoided.  Sure, there were lobbying organizations and special interest groups there, but a lot of that is because those are the very people being discriminated against.  Progress usually comes as the result of a rebel with a loud voice.While I don’t think the state should raise your children for you because of indoctrination, I am also concerned about parents raising their own children because of indoctrination.  Conservative (often also Christian) parents say their children should be home-schooled so that they won’t be brainwashed by public education, but private education can be just as (if not more) brainwashing as public education.  Logically, you do need a certain amount of diversified teaching, because no parent is going to know everything and the child will therefore be clearly lacking in some areas if home-schooled.  Plus, encountering differing opinions and thinking styles helps children to see things from different angles and be objective.When it comes to safe sex and contraception, I think the better approach than simply saying “Do not do it” is to give them the means to do it safely, if they choose to do it.  It is very easy to kill someone by driving, yet we do not go around saying people should not drive cars; we just teach people to drive responsibly.  Sure, the only 100% effective way not to get pregnant or not get an STD is abstinence, but not driving a car is the only 100% effective way to not kill someone in a car accident or run over a pedestrian.  Teach them about the potential consequences of their actions, but rather than prohibiting them from doing it teach them how to be responsible and do it safely.  If that is the only argument you are making (assuming there is not an underlying moral/Biblical argument), then that is the approach that makes the most sense in my opinion.

  6. Did you just coming here in…fall into the black hole of cyberspace‘?

  7. bwebbjr says:

    No, you are not wrong. And that is why we are now beginning our 9th year of homeschooling … parents need to realize it is not public education, it is public indoctrination.  As parents we are responsible for the molding and shaping and training of our children.  I’m not saying everyone must homeschool, but every parent must understand what their children are being taught and realize the message you are sending to your children no matter where they are being taught is that you are accepting and endorsing what they are being taught.  For 18 years I didn’t get that and I now have 3 adult daughters struggling and paying for my mistake.  Also, while many question socialization of homeschooled children I have found they end up more mature and competent in their socialization than many of their counterparts in public education.  We all must realize that socialization in public schools is peer driven not teacher taught.  Psychology, evolution, humanism … they all demote God and exalt me.Thanks for reminding us!Bernie

  8. homefire says:

    @gsmith03 – I am all for being open-minded about questionable things.  This is not questionable.  I don’t want to be so open-minded that my brains fall out!  You know that I am a Christian, so of course homosexuality is abhorrent to me.  I agree that we need to deal with it, but deal with it wisely.  I have a very good friend who is homosexual.  She knows that I love and accept her, and yet she also knows how I feel about her lifestyle.  I will never reject her, but accepting and endorsing her choices wouldn’t be a favor to her.  THAT is the attitude I want to teach my children.  Indoctrination, as you pointed out, happens everywhere.  That’s why it is so important that parents know what the public schools are teaching.  Any Christian parent should be aware that many of the ideas taught there are anti-Christian.  Any good parent wants to indoctrinate their own children.  It’s a parent’s job to teach them!  I choose to teach my children what I believe ALL the time, rather than sending them to be indoctrinated by others for most of the day, then trying to counterbalance that with my own teaching the rest of the time.  Anyone who chooses to send their children to government schools needs to know what the NEA is pushing, because that’s what their kids will be getting.  If the parents agree with that, fine.  If not, they need to have a plan to deal with it.As to your comments on safe sex…My view on the matter is that it’s more like playing in a busy street than driving.  You’re putting yourself into a dangerous situation, and no matter how careful you are, it’s going to be extremely risky.  Driving actually benefits you in many ways, whereas dodging cars for the fun of it–doesn’t.  The same goes for kids having sex–there is no benefit and way too many risks.  And of course, there is always that little complication of me being a Christian:  sex outside of marriage is wrong.  Closed-minded?  Nope.  Just sensible and scriptural.

  9. homefire says:

    @brother_barabbas – No, actually, I read the article, then came here and spouted off, and stayed within my time limits.    But thanks for asking!  I need the accountability. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    Parents aren’t screaming in protest because they’re too busy to investigate these things.  Everything was ok when they were in public school, so it’s easy for them to assume that public school is still ok.    As long as their children don’t seem to be struggling one way or the other, everything seems ok.  It’s only after all the indoctrination begins to take effect in the teen years, then parents begin to question what’s going on, but then they’re told that “all teenagers are like that” so then they assume their kids are normal.  It’s a cycle of assumption fed by lies.I also want to tear my hair out when I come across Christians who feel their children should be missionaries in public school.  I’m sorry, but people who are called to go to the foreign mission field spend YEARS preparing for it:  getting an education, learning the language, raising support, etc.  Five-year-olds are NOT prepared to be missionaries in an anti-God environment.  But the simple fact is:  sending your children to public school is a lot easier and inexpensive to a parent than sending them to a good private school or home schooling them.Bottom line:  parents aren’t screaming because they assume too much and are too lazy/and or cheap to do better for their children.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The thought occurred to me sometime yesterday that I didn’t show enough grace in my comment above.  There are a number of Christians, who, because of circumstances, are unable to home school or send their children to private school, although it is truly their heart’s desire to do so.  For them, public school is a heart-breaking reality that must be endured, so we must lift them up in prayer and ask the Lord to deal with all the ungodly influences and failings that they and their children encounter.There are also teachers who truly don’t believe in the NEA’s goals and simply want to do their best to educate children, but have to struggle against the system in which they work.  We should also pray for them.  And while we protest the agenda of the NEA, we should also pray that the Lord would change the hearts of all those in power who make our educational system what it is.I apologize for my overly generalized and judgmental rant of yesterday.

  12. homefire says:

    @waiting_for_the_final_trumpet – True, but the first post was true, too, unfortunately.  There are parents who fall into that category as well, though obviously not all of them.  There are also a LOT who are in denial, who know about these things, but think their school isn’t affected.  Maybe so, maybe not, but they need to be VERY watchful!  THOSE are the ones that really worry me–the ones who won’t listen to this stuff just because it rocks their boat and they don’t want to be rocked.

  13. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – ” Christians who think they are evangelizing the world by sending their little ones into the public school system are deceived.  I pray their eyes will be opened. ”  AMEN!!!  That is just the lamest thing I’ve ever heard!  And in my experience, those same parents are often not the type who would do much evangelizing anyway, so obviously their kids won’t.  It’s nothing but an excuse to do the easy thing far too often.

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