The Orchestra

In an orchestra, each musician must keep his eyes only on the conductor.  If you are watching the person beside you, you will not only find yourself lagging behind, but you will create discord and disharmony, ruining the entire piece for everyone.  An orchestra is made up of many different instruments, and they all play at different times and with different pitches.  The tuba cannot play the notes of the flute, even if he tries, and the violin and the bass drum can never substitute for one another.  Each instrument has its own unique part to contribute to the beauty of the whole.  Some instruments are idle at times, contributing nothing, but the crash of cymbals at the climax of a musical number certainly can’t be replaced by a French horn.

So it is in the body of Christ.  We cannot look at those around us to decide how to live, or we end up with discord and division.  We must always keep our eyes on the Conductor, Jesus, so as not to disrupt the unity of the entire group.  We also cannot expect that all members will behave alike.  Each one has his own unique part, to be played at the proper time, and the combination of all those creates a beauty which can never be matched by any earthly production.


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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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10 Responses to The Orchestra

  1. very good description!

  2. I’m totally in harmony with ya, sister!   Great analogy.  The Lord bless you!Cookie

  3. sky_gel says:

    Very well said! God bless! đŸ™‚

  4. china_doll26 says:

    I can play the harmonica.. I love music! đŸ™‚

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you sucked that out of your thumb you are one brilliant lady. Even if you didn’t, thanks for sharing!

  6. aj1965 says:

    Yes, great analogy!  However… in the midst of such diversity, each one has to be playing the same song (given by The Conductor) or the whole thing is pointless and hard to listen to.  Ever notice how different groups of Christians can be having the same revelations about God at the same time, even though they’re not the same denomination and/or in the same part of the nation or even the same country?  I love it when that happens!  How’s it going on your side of the state?  We’ve got chickens!!  That’s our latest adventure & it’s all quite fun, so far!  Bye!

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