Anybody Home?

Quoted from the book Forced Labor:  What’s Wrong with Balancing Work and Family by Brian Robertson: 

“The child care crisis is so acute that child care workers in many areas of the country are unable to find adequate day care for their own children.” 

I’m tempted to pause and ask, “Hello?  Anybody home?”

~excerpt from Passionate Housewives, endnotes



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10 Responses to Anybody Home?

  1. BooksForMe says:

    This is so bad.  So, so bad.  Are people really so blind?  Are people really so deceived, so senseless?  God help these women who have forsaken their children. 

  2. bubston says:

    Things that me you go…”duh”.

  3. My first thought when I read the title was…. “Yeah, I’m home, why?”.  It is sad though.  What’s wrong with caring for YOUR OWN children at home along with others you’re babysitting?  Are the laws and regulations making it impossible to have mini childcare at home?  That reminded me… I have two girls playing outside alone and I MUST go join them!

  4. Amen.  I enjoyed my kids to much turn them over to anybody else.

  5. lookin4Jesus says:

    Yes, this is sad and unbelievable; do we just not think anymore?

  6. Huh? Child care workers can’t find child care? That’s like a chef saying he can’t find a good place to eat dinner!Amen, BooksForMe!

  7. mom1945 says:

    Children are a gift from God. It’s a full time job to train them and instill godly principals, Unless it’s an extreme necessity, that training is always the responsibility of the parents not somebody else. Parents who don’t have time for their children will find that someday the children won’t have time for them. We parents have one of the most important jobs there is! It’s not an easy job but it’s definitely fulfilling. Some days I feel a little too fulfilled! 🙂 Children are a committment, like marriage. We hang in there even when the going gets tough! 🙂

  8. *rolls eyes* And that’s what you call ironic…. The strange dichotomy of child worship and neglect that is America…. 

  9. homefire says:

    @mom1945 – Some days I feel a little too fulfilled! 🙂  I love it!~  I can relate to that!  @esperanzaenDios – That was SO well said.  Very, very, true!

  10. AngelAware says:

    Very very true I know personaly all to wellI hope you had a great 4th weekend We sure had great weather dident we!!!

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