Judicial Tyranny

We just got Dr. James Dobson’s newsletter today, and it is so sad.  How can a government that was created to be “of the people, by the people, for the people” deteriorate to such depths?  Even though the majority (61%) of voters in California wish to define marriage as between one man and one woman, four (yes, FOUR) Supreme Court justices were able to reverse that.  Our justice system has become so warped that it is hardly recognizable.  How can four people’s opinion overrule the wishes of over 4.5 million people they are supposed to represent?

And to top off that atrocity, a court in LA has outlawed homeschooling.  That one is incredible.  They based the ruling on ONE family who they ruled to be dysfunctional and abusive.  By that logic, if one public school teacher abuses or otherwise harms a student, all public schools should be shut down, right? 

If things like this are allowed to happen we have forfeited all our freedoms as individuals to an elite handful of people who call themselves, ironically, justices.  What a mockery of true justice!



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6 Responses to Judicial Tyranny

  1. The homeschooling issue is rather complicated.  Apparently, in CA, if you file to paperwork to become a private school, or you have a credentialed tutor, or you use a course of study program that is aligned with a school (private or public) you are legally ok.  Where these parents ran afoul of the law was when they “sort of ” were affiliated with a Christian school and sometimes had their children tested there but were not physically present in the school nor were following the school’s curriculum.   Officials had cause for concern that some or all of the eight children were being physically abused.  This all could have been avoided if the family had filed paperwork to become a private school.  Homeschool is not illegal in CA when it follows the guidelines of the law.  (see California Homeschooling Network for more information.)As a public school teacher, I support those who wish to homeschool their children but I have also seen the detrimental effects of individuals attempting to homeschool, discovering they are out of their league and then dumping their kids on the school system to straighten them out.  This is hurtful for the kids and they are often at least a year or more behind their age group. This does wonders for their self-esteem.  Not every child can function in a public school and there should be ways to educate them in an environment more condusive to their learning.  I’ll support that to my dying day, but I cannot support educational environments, public, private or homeschool that allows for the harming of students.

  2. You know, the same thing happened with Christ. It was only a few that stirred things up in His case. So it’s nothing new that hasn’t happened when it comes to the judicial system.  God will use it for His purposes you can be sure of that. All we can do is stand for whats right. Good post. Have a great 4th. God bless ya!~Grampy~

  3. Anonymous says:

    We are on a downward spiral.  I firmly believe that unless we stand up quickly and say ‘No more’!  But there is so much apathy in this country that I fear there aren’t enough people left that will stand up and voice their concerns.  Just look at the issue with the Fairness Doctrine.  I truly fear this will come back early next year and when it does we will see an end to an major outlet for our voices and concerns.  We are slowly being silenced and shut down.

  4. homefire says:

    @brokenbindings2 – I think you missed my point.  (Did you read the last line of my second paragraph?)  The problem here is not that that particular family was not allowed to homeschool, but that a ruling was adopted which made it illegal for ANYONE to homeschool in California without teaching credentials, based only on that particular case.  The HSLDA is appealing, and hopefully the ruling will be overturned, but the problem here is not homeschooling, but court decisons that simply don’t make sense.What’s even more bizarre is that making sure the parents are certified teachers will not stop cases of abuse.  I really know nothing about this particular case, but if the children were abused, that’s an entirely separate situation from their being homeschooled.  Is there some reason that the abuse would be likely to quit just because they send them off for someone else to teach them?  Not likely.  And if parents don’t care for their children properly, their college education will not magically make them good teachers.  By the same token, parents who care deeply about their children are generally much better teachers than those who do the job only for a paycheck, which is unfotunately the case with many public school teachers.  (NOT all, of course, and I thank God for the many public school teachers who DO care deeply about their students!) If a law like this is allowed to stand, it becomes a precendent for all kinds of laws that will invade our feedom and privacy.  Along these same lines of thinking, if a couple has five children, and they neglect and abuse them, a court could decided that it is illegal to have more than three children.  If a ninety year old woman causes a bad accident, a court could rule that no one over 65 can drive.  And on and on.  You simply cannot make an across-the-board decision based on one instance of anything!  It’s bizarre.

  5. homefire says:

    @Hecalmsthestorm – I’m afraid you’re right.  I guess that’s why I feel pressed to sputter and throw a fit about it all while I still can.  In many ways, it’s been nice living in a free country, but it may not last.What’s ironic is that the people who squawk loudest about freedom are the same ones who are trying to do away with it.  (e.g. Fairness Doctrine)  How can rational human beings be so blind?

  6. jacsnews says:

    We should really appreciate this day that we celebrate our independence and freedom, as it may well be our last.  “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

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