Quote for Today

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
Security does not exist in nature,
nor do the children of men as a whole experience it.

~Helen Keller

True or no?  Comments?


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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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5 Responses to Quote for Today

  1. HUMOR_ME_NOW says:

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  2. ElizabethDNB says:

    I agree with the first part, but not the second.  I do think though that we need to redefine our version of security, as it can only be found in the Lord and knowing that everything that happens is filtered through him and will be allowed or disallowed and worse case senario we meet Him face to face sooner than expected.  which is not to say that we don’t have insecurities in financies, jobs, relationships, parenting etc.  But we should have an underlying serenity if we trust in the Lord.  at least my head says that.  My heart goes back and forth on the follow through!  lol!

  3. BooksForMe says:

    My life is NOT a daring adventure!  Where do I go from here?!  Yikes.  Helen Keller knew daring adventure.  She KNEW insecurity.  I don’t think I can compare any insecurity I have ever known to what she lived with daily.  And, compared to her adventurous life, my life is “nothing.”  Not that I’m looking for daring adventure, mind you.   I agree with ElizabethDNB about security in general.  If it isn’t found in Christ, I don’t think it exists.  I don’t think anything in this world offers security.  Many things promise security, but I don’t think they can.  They are not built on the Rock.  Their source is not Eternal.

  4. homefire says:

    I thought the same thing.  In “nature,” that is, without God, there is no security, which makes me think that HK must not have been a Christian?  Sad, if true.  I admire her so much.My life is not a daring adventure either, I’m afraid.  Perhaps not enough so.

  5. My humble thoughts:  This quote would work if there were a time frame put to it.  For example, children experience security when they run to someone who will hold them and make them feel safe.  Nature provides camoflage which provides for temporary security.  As for life in general?  Who is to say that crossing the road is not a daring adventure?  I would be hard pressed to say that any of my days are nothing.  Helen was being very pessimistic here.  While God does offer security, life in the faith is a daring adventure.  We weren’t born into it, we had to come to it.  Does that make the former part of our lives nothing?  What about the experiences in our lives that God uses to allow us to serve others?  Does that count for nothing?  Harsh words~I suspect they were said for shock value.

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