So what do JWs believe?

A Jehovah’s Witness lady came to the door today and the kids were asking about it.  I discovered that I honestly know nothing about them to tell.  I know that a lot of mainstream Christians consider them wrong, but I don’t know why.  I guess I’m not much in the mood for major research right now, but I am a bit curious.  Anybody want to give me a quick rundown of their beliefs?


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9 Responses to So what do JWs believe?

  1. SpazzyMommy says:

    You know, if it wasn’t so late- I would answer this- I’m going to write myself a post it note and come back with some answers that are co-herent and thought out. At 11 PM…this spazzymommy just isn’t able to do it any justice. (grin)

  2. Oh boyyy…..I can’t remember it all. I don’t think they believe that Jesus is God. I think they believe He was just another prophet. They have their own Bible and they won’t take blood or blood products….Other than that, I’d have to look it up again… I don’t have all that much contact with them…

  3. JandJinJapan says:

    They disbelieve the virgin birth, citing that Mary must have gotten it on woth another man before meeting Joseph, and that Jesus is a lesser god than God, somewhere between the Archangel Michael and God.  They also have a version of the Bible that takes out the word for “God” and substitutes “Jehovah”, or they add in his name elsewhere (such as Moses at the Burning Bush.  Instead of God saaying I Am, he says “I AM JEHOVAH”, I believe…).  Further, they’ve made some very outlandish prophecies regarding the end times, none of which have come to pass, their explanations beign that it happened in the “sopirit realm”.  Oh, also?  Anyone that has a good knowledge of the Bible they tend to visit once and never again.

  4. samcgarber says:

    Jehovah’s Witness people are people too.  They have a really amazing program for networking people, they believe Yeshua is Son of God, savior, liberating king, and  the atoning lamb of God, they have a good knowledge of the Bible, and a commitment to righteousness and holiness as described in the Bible concerning YHVH’s people.  Like many of the rest of us, though, they’re committed preeminently to their own liturgies and rhetoric, esp. “What Does the Bible Really Teach” – they insist that you become a Witness – and they doubt if there is any real genuine action accepted by YHVH that is being done outside the covering of their Kingdom Halls.  At least that’s how I understand my good 65 tear old friend and brother Dwight who stops here regularly – we have good conversation – he brings some friends sometimes however, who are really pushy and adamant that I commit to the Witnesses – I always insist that while I love Yahweh and serve him in the way of Yeshua I do not need a denomination to act as a mediator – of course that’s what I tell every advocate of any denomination.   

  5. You may find this site helpful.  I found this almost too much to take it all in at once… it appears to be very complete report on what they believe and why etc.

  6. homefire says:

    @samcgarber – you said “They have a really amazing program for networking people”–One thing my daughter said sort of hit me hard.  She said, “why is it always mormons or JWs that come to the door to talk to us?  why don’t “regular” Christians ever do that?”    Hmmm.  Might be a pretty good question~!@mjh905 – @Hecalmsthestorm – Thanks for the sites.  If I get ambitious, I’ll go try to sort through them.

  7. homefire says:

    @esperanzaenDios – @JandJinJapan – Thanks for those bits of info.  Interesting about the blood, Schelle!

  8. JandJinJapan says:

    you’re welcome.  I’ve had a man here in Japan that has defied the odds and continues to come back to my door.  He saw my Bible once, and said, “Oh, you read too much!”  Here’s hoping he can be shown The Way….Much of what you say, samcgarber, about the Watchtower Society is distorted.  They follow their own version of God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ, and make Christ lesser somehow.  Yes, they are people, and good at networking, and have much to show by example on what it means to visit people, but their whole doctrine is built on false teachings. 

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