In My Shoes

You’ve heard the saying about walking in someone else’s shoes, right?  Well, think about this.

Yesterday after the service, we had a water baptism in the creek beside the church.  I overheard this girl wondering aloud what she should wear on her feet, since the stream bed is rocky.  I realized that I had a pair of crocs in the van and knew they would be perfect, so I offered them to her. 

So she got baptized in my shoes. 

Now I am wondering if there’s any special symbolism in this.  Does this mean she is following in my spiritual footsteps?  (  yikes!)  Does it give me any special mentoring responsibilities?  When someone is baptized in your shoes, what exactly does that mean, anyway? 

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15 Responses to In My Shoes

  1. I think it means that you obeyed the dictive to do unto others as you would have then do to you.  In following one of the  directives of Christ, you have showed that you are an excellent example.  Are you a mentor?  Of course…:>O

  2. You were willing to give.  Not too many people do that now a days.  Just like the little boy who offered his lunch to Jesus to multiply.  How wonderful of you!! 

  3. lookin4Jesus says:

    What neat symbolism and yes, I am thinking she looks up to you and that you would be a good mentor for her! How awesome!

  4. fwren says:

    What a sweet thing to happen!  Well, it probably doesn’t actually mean any of those things, but still ~ maybe it can be a reminder every time you put those shoes on that God is good and to Him, everything means something.Otherwise, it only means that your Crocs got a bath ~

  5. Who got baptized up there? I never heard about it… :-p

  6. BooksForMe says:

    Does this mean she is following in my spiritual footsteps?  (  yikes!)LOL  

  7. Something to think about.  

  8. ElizabethDNB says:

    hmmm… yes, I think that makes you kind of like a Godmother or something.  A person concerned about her “sole”?

  9. cereneone says:

    Interesting thread.  🙂 I think it still means go as God leads with her. He lead you to offer your shoes…that may have been the seed! 

  10. msmarie0106 says:

    Great post!  Maybe it means that she will have some big shoes to fill herself.  Loved the response from ElizabethDNB…. really cute!

  11. homefire says:

    @ElizabethDNB – snort!  Love it!This was all pretty tongue-in-cheek.  It just struck me as kind of unusual. 

  12. marys_hubby says:

    I was gonna respond with something witty, but that “sole” comment was too funny to top.RYC: Thanks!  Yeah…I’m starting to lose patience with all this ridiculous stuff being shoved down our throats.  Just had to vent.Later,Matt

  13. wow, there are some very interesting thoughts that go along with this!

  14. AngelAware says:

    It means YOU  are a wonderfully Thoughtful woman!! You protected her feet. Hhmm? I bet there really is some kind of symbolism?? Besides the fact you loved your neighbor The river ha….was it cold?? I would think it would be freezing still???The road is open now The road crew fixed it so fast!! Things are looking much better.

  15. homefire says:

    @AngelAware – Actually, it was just a little bitty creek, and she said it really wasn’t bad–muddy, though. Ick.  Our son was baptized in the PM river last summer, and it was COLD!   Does it ever get warm?Glad the road is fixed–I’d been wondering how you were managing!

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