Who wants to be Healthy?

I just read the greatest story, so I thought I’d share it.  Charlotte is such an inspiration to me, since she’s older than me, bigger (and taller ) than me, has more kids than me, and is un-athletic like me, BUT she has managed to overcome those odds and looks great!  So this is for anyone who feels wants to feel and look better.  Hope it inspires you, too.



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16 Responses to Who wants to be Healthy?

  1. Wow…you just inspired me too.  Thank you.  I was not going to sign up for a boot camp at my gym b/c I have problems with exercise commitments and I LOVE to sleep …but after reading about Charlotte I will get my lazy butt out of bed and go.  Great post!! 

  2. eeb06b says:

    That’s amazing! I was helping a woman at work the other day and she told me that she had lost 60lbs in 2 yrs, ran several half marathons, just completed her first FULL marathon, and is 53!!!! Anytime I run into someone like that I congratulate them profusely because it’s a very dedicated and time consuming task to tackle. And those who succeed show just how much happier they are for it! Nice post!

  3. BooksForMe says:

    I’m pretty fascinated by this whole T-Tapp thing.  And, I loved Charlotte’s testimonial.  

  4. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – Let me tell you, T-Tapp has changed my life.  Not quite so dramatically as it did Charlotte’s, I suppose, but it’s been pretty amazing, and I am grateful!  Just try a few of the freebies on the website, and I think you’ll be impressed.

  5. BooksForMe says:

    Oh, so you’ve actually been doing this?  Which workout do you use?  How has it changed your life?  The testimonies are all so amazing.  My daughter’s been wanting to lose some weight before college, and when we were looking at the site it really impressed us both.  She has gotten very bored with her current workout.  I did one of the exercises she has a video for online (the arm exercise), and I couldn’t believe how much it un-kinked my neck—where I’m usually tied up in knots.  I’d love to hear more about your experience, before making the $ investment.  Well, I already did invest $10 to get the Yes You Can seminar, because it had free S&H and comes with a $10 coupon for another product.  That sounded like a pretty good deal.

  6. I’ve never heard of T-Tap before. Is it a whole eating and exercise thing or just exercise? The story (and pictures!) of Charlotte were wonderful. Isn’t it great when women are no longer prisoners of their bodies? It makes me long for heaven and our new bodies!So, can you sum up the program? What do you do? How does it work for you?

  7. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – @TeacherPerson – I’ve been doing T-Tapp for the past year.  I lost about 30 lbs and over 30 inches from various places.  It’s mostly just exercise, although she does give some pointers on eating healthier, too.  I’ve cleaned up my eating a little bit, but I still eat like a horse–I’m certainly not dieting!    I usually do a 15-20 minute workout 3-4 times a week, and that’s it.  I actually own the Total Workout, which is more like 45 minutes, but I confess that I rarely do it anymore.  I tried to do it once a week for the first several months, but now I’m mostly maintaining (though I really would like to flatten this belly)  and the short one is enough.  It seems like a miracle to me, because I had never stuck to any exercise program for more than a week before in my life.  I hated to sweat, and exercise always intimidated me.  I was never athletic, and have never been in good shape in my life.  Even when I was a reasonably thin teenager, I was flabby, and now, at 45 yrs old, I am not!  It is nice not to have to watch the flab jiggle.  And beyond appearances, I feel so much better that I really can’t tell you all of it.  I have finally lost a chronic headache that was an almost-constant part of my life for years.  I still get twinges of it occasionally, but if I do a Primary Back Stretch, it usually takes care of it.  My back hurts less than it used to.  My left leg, which I injured rather badly a few years ago, is now as strong as the right. My tennis elbow diappeared like magic.  My cholesterol has gone down.  The things I like about it are that it’s quick doesn’t require any equipment, doesn’t involve jumping (I have knee issues since my broken kneecap) and it makes you feel graceful.    It focuses on strengthening your core muscles around your spine, which I badly needed, and it is all carefully geared to avoid any kind of injury.There.  Was that enough info?  I think I should get a cut if you buy it! 

  8. BooksForMe says:

    Wow, that really is impressive.  Thanks for sharing that.  I’m convinced!  You should submit your story to the website, too!

  9. lookin4Jesus says:

    You said you bought the total workout but rarely do it; what would you suggest buying then? I don’t really want to invest the money for the total if I won’t use it. Thank you.

  10. You certainly should get a cut if I buy it! I’ll try out their free stuff online and see what I think. 

  11. fwren says:

    Yeah, like lookin4Jesus, what specifically do we buy?  I am gonna get TO this one of these days!!!

  12. wow thanks for sharing that!!! hmmm maybe that will inspire me to get off my lazy rear(giggle snort). The cellulite on the back of my thighs is creeping around to the front  I had my set point done. I should be a size 6, but could probably get into a 4  I don’t think I’ve seen that size since the 7th grade, if ever lol.  I never thought of myself as that small of a person. Right now I’m in a 12 or 14. I would LOVE to be an 8, or even a 10 so I could wear the clothes in my closet lol. I realize I haven’t seen you for 10 to 15 years but I always thought you were so beautiful!!  You reminded me of an Amazon. Now don’t take that the wrong way!!!! I mean you are tall, powerful yet so graceful, a radiant smile and the loveliest red hair. I was somewhat in awe of you and I’m sure I stared a lot Blessings,Renee

  13. homefire says:

    @lookin4Jesus – @fwren – What to buy?  (***See important fact below)  Well, I don’t know what to say, really.  I’m glad that I have Total Workout, because there’s a lot of good stuff in there that definitely ups the intensity.  And I did it about once a week for quite a few months.  The main problem with doing it often is that I’m not usually willing to dedicate that long to working out.  Like I said, I’m NOT the athletic type, and just doing this much is a huge adjustment for me.  If you kind of enjoy exercise and want quicker results, I’d say definitely get it, because it’s excellent.  If you’re on a really tight budget, you can see really great results with just the Basic, though.  It’s amazing what a quick fifteen minutes will do!  So you should definitely start with either the Total Workout or Basic Workout Plus, depending on how much money you can spend.  OR if you have health problems or a lot to lose, there’s a special one called MORE that is a lower intensity and I think slower.  If you’re still not sure, call the T-Tapp office, because they are really helpful about trying to fit your needs.  Great people.Another workout I enjoy is Step Away the Inches, because it teaches you how to incorporate T-Tapp moves into your daily life–how to get the benfits while just walking.  I also have Hit the Floor, which focuses on the ab area  and Ladybug, which is kind of a combination of TWO and HTF, with added tweaks that are supposed to help with menopausal/hormonal stuff.  I love that one, but I’m not sure you can buy it unless you have the original workout, because it doesn’t have instruction.The instruction is a VERY big deal.  There is a lot to think about, and it will probably take you a while to get to the point where you can get through the whole workout without stopping.@BooksForMe – I hope you really like it, and I’m glad you’re getting Hannah started on a good habit.  I have wished so many times that I had known about this back when I was younger.  I think I would be healthier now if I had.Another important fact:  If you buy Teresa’s book ($15 or so) there is a coupon in it for 30% off your order, plus there’s a DVD included with the book that has a couple exercises on it.  It’s definitely worthwhile!  And you can even do the entire workout from the descirption in the book if you’re really good at following instructions.  Watching her do it on video is obviously much easier, though.  The book gives a LOT of extra tips and stuff, too, and is a good reference to have.  And if you’re buying the TWO, the discount more than covers the price of the book.  @littlelambsx6 –   ummm, my hair’s not red, Renee.  Really.  You must be remembering someone else.   I was the short, weak, klutzy one with the frown. LOL~!!  Okay, okay, so I’m not short…    We really need to get together again.  It’s obviously been too long!  And size 4?  That isn’t even on my radar, I have a feeling! 

  14. homefire says:

    I just discovered a nifty little news clip where Teresa Tapp talks about the program.  It’s here:http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/myfox/pages/InsideFox/Detail?contentId=6753157&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=5.2.1 

  15. AngelAware says:

    RYC:… I asked people who have lived here all of there lives about Tornados and they say yes , it doesnt happen all the time but they do happen. There never real big or long lasting, to many trees to bounce off of. Nothing like Texas or Kansas. But we do get em. I have alot more pictures but Im on a barrowed computer while mine is being fixed and I cant figure this one out….LOL I cant edit or crop my pictures its a bummer.

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