FLDS Kids to Return to Parents?

Well, as you might expect, I’m encouraged to read this  

And I was rather appalled to read this   If you scroll to the bottom and click on the last link, you’ll see what I mean. 

I have a question:  Why does Child Protective Services exist?  If someone is abusing a child, they can be arrested, correct?  Why not take the perpetrator out of the home rather than further traumatize the child by taking him/her away from everything familiar?  The home could then be monitored, of course, to be safe.  Removing a parent suspected of abuse makes FAR more sense than taking the child away.  We have come to a point where we are so concerned about the criminal’s rights that the victims are the ones who are punished!

This latest outrage in Texas is only that–the latest.  There are thousands of cases where a false report has set in motion a situation that ripped a family to shreds with absolutely no evidence of anything harmful.  Later, after it’s all over, the child and parents are left to try to piece together the fragments of their lives.

Why is this system even there?  Is there really a reason?  CPS encourages anyone to report any suspicion, and even to do it anonymously.  Isn’t there something wrong with that?

Accusation without accountability…  It’s nothing but an invitation to injustice.  Or worse, an atrocity waiting to happen.  The system that was supposed to protect has become a monster.

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12 Responses to FLDS Kids to Return to Parents?

  1. jacsnews says:

    I agree!!  I know there are children that are badly abused in this world, but they should not be the ones made to suffer further.  CPS is like so many other government agencies as well as laws that have been enacted that do punish the victims instead of the perpetrators.  May God help us! 

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was also glad to have read of that ruling.  What aggravates me is the number of people who call CPS or the authorities simply to get at people they don’t approve of.  We were in the process of moving when someone in our neighborhood gave an anonymous tip that our children were riding their bikes in the street.  They weren’t because they had been packed up, and even if they were, we lived in a cul-de-sac.  A policeman showed up just as we were all getting into our car to leave the house and he instantly recognized that the call had been bogus.  He apologized to us for having bothered us, but said that it was their duty to check into these calls.  The entire time we lived in this neighborhood no one ever came to me to talk to me about a problem with my children — they simply bogged down the system with their cowardice and used the authorities to itch their judgmental attitudes. 

  3. BooksForMe says:

    That last link you pointed out is so disturbing.  So sad.  People are given instructions to follow, fear is implanted, independent thinking is forbidden, and before you know it humans are doing the most awful things to one another.I am glad for the families that are being restored.  I am still really troubled by the attitude of the community members that a 12-year-old bride “isn’t as bad” as what is happening in non-FLDS communities.  That is always their response when questioned. This is a troubling situation and I wonder what the repercussions of this will be on this community, our society at large, and on homeschoolers.  Thanks for those links.

  4. keynee says:

    If young girls getting pregnant is such a big deal how about all the girls in the rest of United States under 16 or 18 having kids? Why isn’t the fathers getting arrested?  

  5. Anonymous says:

    “why does CPS exist?”  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.  He is alive and well on planet earth.  Pray fervently for the nextgen that they may be able to stand in the Lord.  Further reading:  A Thousand Shall Fall.  by Susi Hasel Mundy.  Should be required reading in every Christian home.  During the War concentration camps for “undesirables” spread throughout Europe. New camps were created near centers of dense “undesirable” populations, often focusing on areas with large communities of Jewish, Polish intelligentsia, Communists, or Roma. Most camps were located in the area of General Government in occupied Poland for a simple logistical reason: millions of Jews lived in Poland. It also allowed the Nazis to transport the German Jews outside of the German main territory. In most camps, prisoners were forced to wear identifying overalls with colored badges according to their categorization: red triangles for Communists and other political prisoners, green triangles for common criminals, pink for homosexual men, purple for Jehovah’s Witnesses, black for Gypsies and asocials, and yellow for Jews.[  Those who fail to learn from the past, are condemned to work for CPS.  ~MicRo

  6. Anonymous says:

    Citation needed.  Concentration camp quote is from Wikipedia, not Mundy’s book.  The book is about a 7th day family in Germany during the war.   It is not about your subject per se, but the thought I wanted from it is how local gummit–Gauleiters, nazi party frau’s etc.-greatly contributes to persecution. 

  7. homefire says:

    Yes, Michal, that is a book that leaves you changed.  It is humbling to realize how easily people are led, and to realize that we are in the same danger, but it is an incredible testimony to that man’s faith that he was able to withstand the brainwashing.  An encouragement to us today.  You’re right–Big Brother is alive and well, but the LORD is on my side–whom shall I fear?

  8. mamaglop says:

    I am on both sides of this issue.  It’s scary to see an agency with the power to sweep in and create total chaos in a family based on rumor, butI am troubled by the testimony of children who have lived with abuse for years as social workers drifted in and out.  Of course it would be better to take the abuser out of the home -and to prison.  Wierd how stealing a child’s innocence and warping the rest of their life is “paid for” by five years in prison or less.

  9. AngelAware says:

    I agree with you Its become a Monster for sure. Me and my 2 kids were a vicitm of that, an ex wife of my ex called CPS and said me and my 2 kids were abuseing her son It was so stupid and wrong. I thought they wouldent take her seriousely because of her past of calling them so many times on other people, but they did…..they came to my home talked to us all privately…what an invasion…grrrr and THEN!!! With No proof took my kids to a hospital without my permission and I followed of course with a Christian woman friend and they video taped my kids in an interview. Well the passed with flying colors and the woman brought them out to me and said the problem was Not my kids it was in HER son. I was so angry that we were so invaded like that. My kids were asked horrible questions that I later had to explaine to them what it even ment But Thank God he saved us from any more intrusions from them. Thank God the truth came out and we could all go home together.RYC:….Yes we all keep telling Him to be a lawyer or a politition but his comment back is….then I would have to hate myself…LOL

  10. homefire says:

    @AngelAware – Wow, so sorry you had to go through that!  At least it was over fairly quickly.  I can’t even imagine how angry and hurt I would be in that situation. 

  11. i am not entirely aware of the entire situation in Texas, but rather only what the media has portrayed (which i’m sure is less then the entire truth, actually i’m sure that its not the entire truth). i do agree that it seems that having kids as young as 12 be brides is something that i’m not in agreement with, but neither is ripping people from their families. its true what you say about why not remove the perpetrator from the home. that does make much more sense. and allows at lease some of the people who are victims to remain together to help uphold each other rather then ripping them completely off from any family and any support and placing them in what may or may not be a better situation in foster care. i am incredibly wary of foster care, although i know that there are a tremendous amount of people in the system who do a good job, there are many who do it for the $$ and treat the kids like crap. so then it seems like a double problem..take the kids out of one bad situation and put them in another thinking that you are helping them. i don’t think that 12 year olds should be getting married and that so many people should be related to each other…personally, but i don’t also feel that we have the right to dictate what is right and wrong if 1) we aren’t going to follow through on our claims and 2) we feel it necessary that our way is the ONLY way. thank you for this post. i wandered here off of ShortytheChileHead’s site.

  12. ElizabethDNB says:

    You know I never really thought about it until recently, but it is really scary that someone can misunderstand or down right lie about you or your family and ruin your lives. 

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