An Eclipse of Faith

An Eclipse of Faith
David Wilkerson – Pulpit Series
In nature, a solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, obscuring the light either partially or totally.  For a while, the sun seems literally to disappear, and the daylight suddenly becomes dark.  The Greek meaning of eclipse is, “I am absent,” or “I cease to exist.”  In ancient thinking, the sun was actually extinguished for a while by the gods.

For Christians, a “spiritual eclipse” is a dark hour when God seems to be absent from our lives.  It happens most often during times of testing, as Satan moves in to try to obscure our vision of the Lord.  He attempted it with Peter [when he put doubts into Peter’s mind that allowed him to deny his Lord.]

…Tell me, have you ever faced such an eclipse?  An hour when your mind was flooded with questions?  When your prayers seemed to fall on the ground, and God’s Word seemed closed to you?  When you felt your life was empty, useless, a total failure?…  Imagine, [after denying his Lord] the cloud of condemnation cloaking Peter’s mind in that hour. 

What about you?  Have you lived under condemnation because at one point your faith went into eclipse?  Maybe you continually turned to a sinful habit or doubted God’s ability to work his covenant promises in your life.  Since then you’ve lived in a spiral of fear, guilt, and condemnation. 

Rest in God’s love for you.  Know that no matter how deep your unbelieving thoughts, the Lord sees what you are going through, and His love for you never wavers.  God looks on our struggles…and he superimposes his divine love over us.

This message is so very real to me.  Having once experienced a time of almost complete spiritual eclipse, I related to the analogy quite well.  This is just a small bit of the message, which was quite excellent, as most of them are.

I had to also think that, though this describes a solar eclipse, there might also be a spiritual parallel to a lunar eclipse.  In a lunar eclipse, the earth comes between the sun and the moon, interrupting the moon’s light.

Seeing yourself as the moon, has there ever been a time when the world comes between you and God, your source of Light?  When that happens, you are unable to reflect His glory.

As I go through the days of my life, I find that the constant challenges sometimes leave me dark, not reflecting my Lord.  Though this is not nearly so dramatic as the solar eclipse of one’s faith, it is still an interruption of the light of Christ.  Thank God that the darkness doesn’t endure, that His light is always there, whether I am seeing it or not–whether I am reflecting it or not!

Another thought that just occurred to me:  Perhaps God orchestrated eclipses for exactly this reason–to give us a visible reminder of what we are without Him!  Without His light, we are nothing but darkness.  He wouldn’t have had to make eclipses happen at all.  It would be possible for the moon to orbit in such a way that the sun’s light would never be blocked, wouldn’t it?  But just as Jesus used natural examples when he taught here on earth, we can see examples of God’s character in this world all around us.  Isn’t it awesome? 


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10 Responses to An Eclipse of Faith

  1. Very Good Post! May God Richly bless you.     Bro. Cliff Stafford

  2. I’ve missed so many of your posts! It was a treat to read through them today.  I still didn’t do those random things, did I? I’m having enough to do with writing about these trips, it seems. I’ll be glad once I’ve written them as I keep my Xanga as my journal. How is your week shaping up?  We are going to start packing and take a trip to Shakespeare’s home town and to a castle and jousting tournament.

  3. Excellent thoughts and very timely for me.  Thank you.

  4. fwren says:

    Awesome indeed!  Loved these thoughts, homefire! ~ 

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by, and thank you for listening to This station is one of my favorites. I do hope there are people who will listen to what is being said in our Posts, and accepts Christ. You have a blessed day.  Bro. Cliff

  6. Thank you so much for sharing that!! Reminds me of: There is no such thing as darkness. Darkness is merely the complete absence of light. You know I experienced a few YEARS of eclipse. BUT GOD. Enough said Blessings,Renee

  7. AngelAware says:

    Yes I remember that Eclipse in my life My poor son is going through it. I keep rpaying and believeing for him, hopeing he gets the sun shine soon RYC:….. Amber lives, close but *up* about 40 minutes Her father works here, with my husband.

  8. Excellent post and thoughts. Thanks & God bless.

  9. BooksForMe says:

    Really awesome!  I am so thankful for Pastor Wilkerson.

  10. bafocus_2 says:

    Thanks for your comments!Gods Blessings!!

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