Happy Anniversary to Us!

My husband just won the

  Romantic Husband of the Year award. 

I mean, he is GOOD!  He actually kidnapped me! 

Yesterday was our 24th anniversary.  He told me in the morning not to eat lunch, because he would be home shortly after noon and we’d go have a late lunch and spend the afternoon together.  Sounded good to me, of course.    So I got the children pretty well finished up with school and we took off.  We ran a few errands, had a lovely lunch at Applebee’s, roamed around, shopped a little, and then headed home.  Then he turned in at the hotel where dd had gotten married, saying we ought to check out their jacuzzi suites.  I thought, okay…whatever.  And of course, (you already guessed this, didn’t you?) he walked straight to a room and let us in with his key.  Inside the door there was a balloon that said Happy Anniversary, and as I walked in, I saw a red rose in a vase, Asti Spumante on ice, the loveliest card I’ve ever seen, and two Cadbury eggs , while a scented candle filled the whole room with the smell of vanilla.  (Does this man know me, or what?  All my favorite things!)

It was so sweet, but I was still a little confused.  After all, I hadn’t packed anything, and it’s just a little inconvenient to not have my contact case and my toothbrush!    Then he said he needed to go get something.  He came back with a box and a bag full of all our clothes and everything we needed to spend the night.  I could not believe that he managed to sneak around and pack it all up before we left, while I was right there in the family room!  He said he didn’t know for sure what I needed, so he just got everything of mine out of the medicine cabinet!  LOL!  And he did a great job–the only thing he forgot was my hairbrush, and I had a comb in my purse, so that was okay.

We warmed our wonderful leftovers from Applebees for supper, enjoyed our wine and cheese and chocolate, and had an absolutely lovely time.  I think maybe it was even more fun than our honeymoon  partly because it was so totally unexpected.

Of course, the kids were in on the secret, but they never let anything slip.  I had absolutely NO CLUE that anything was going on until he pulled out the key. 

It was a wonderful time.  I felt so pampered, so special, and so loved.  Who would have thought that after 24 years, it would just keep getting better? 

I am so blessed.  Thank you, Lord!



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21 Responses to Happy Anniversary to Us!

  1. TLpaints says:

    You are blessed!  What a keeper!

  2. BooksForMe says:

    Cheers to you both for 24 years! And, cheers to your husband for still making you feel like his bride.  

  3. First. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a wonderful husband you have!!
    Second. I’m confused(what’s new lol) I thought we were the same age(39) which makes 24 years impossible unless you got married at 15. Are you older than I think you are!?!?!
    Sorry I haven’t been around much. It’s been extremely hectic around here. Between doctor’s appointments, Lex’s outpatient surgery, my grandfather’s funeral, my friend had a bit of a crisis with his teenage daughter so we left for Delphi at 11 on a Friday night, got a call the next morning that the children’s great-grandmother on their dad’s side passed away,headed back home so they could be with their family,  that funeral, a root canal(for Ryan) and other dental appointments, well WHEW! I finally got caught up on about 3 weeks worth of xanga subscriptions yesterday. I haven’t been on a message board or anything!
    I’m glad you had such a loverly anniversary

  4. lglavy says:

    Love it!  I’m sure your newly married dd wouldn’t believe us, ( don’t think mine do)  but marriage only gets sweeter and more awesome as the years go by!  Good job, hubby!

  5. cereneone says:

    Such splendor from a hubby. He is a keeper!

  6. cerwindoris says:

    Your husband is a sweetie!

  7. joy4jesus424 says:

    one word…WOW!
    oh & btw- do you want me to let littlelamb know how old you are??

  8. CHOBLIT says:

    My word exactly, Margaret…….WOW…..your DH (as you call him) really scored big time!!!  Congrats to you both! 

  9. homefire says:

    @littlelambsx6 – 
    Um, no, Renee, I’m actually…….. 45. 
    I had to think about it for awhile    but I’m pretty sure that’s right!  Alzheimer’s already? 
    No, I didn’t get married at 15–YIKES! 
    So I guess the secret is out–we’re NOT the same age!  You just got busy on the childbearing thing a little sooner. 
    And goodness, what a time you’ve had!  ((Renee))  I wondered where you’d been.  Hope Lexie is feeling better!

  10. CaliRosie says:

    Awwww… How sweet of him and how special for you!!  I was grinning the whole time i read it!  Happy Anniversary!

  11. ElizabethDNB says:

    Congratulations to you both.  What a great celebration.

  12. krb_loves_JC says:

    aww…. i have a really sweet uncle huh! 🙂

  13. fwren says:

    No wonder you weren’t home when I called!    Okay, homefire’s dh, you racked up some brownie points, big time, I think!  What a guy ~    And by the way, Happy Anniversary!!!

  14. that’s so sweet!!!!  Does he give lessons to other hubbies?????  

  15. AngelAware says:

    What a wonderful suprise  I did laugh Out Loud so hard when he said he didnt know what all to bring so he just brought everything in the medicine cabnet!! I am so proud of couples who have been married that long and stay together and are still so loving to one another
    Congratulations on a wonderful Job!!

  16. He is definitely a keeper….but I can only concede the award for this year! Next year I may be too biased…. (The wings won out today….)

  17. GodsGirls3 says:

    AWESOME!!! Maybe I should get my hubby on here to read this.  In July, we will be celebrating 24 years of marriage.   I have to admit, though, he’s been really good about surprising me in the last few years on things.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Um, could you ask him to tone it down a bit?  He’s kind of ruinating the curve for the rest of us goodmen

  19. samcgarber says:

    I can just imagine the rascal pulling that all off with that sly grin of his bordering on hysterics – what a dude – what an awesome dude… my hero for sure. 

  20. Happy Anniversary!  You sure do have a romantic husband.  

  21. mamaglop says:

    Oh that is sweet!  You do have a romantic husband.  After my long story about Juliet’s Valentine, Mr. M. really came through on Valentine’s day for me.  He had steak and chocolates, and a present.

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