Do you get what you pay for?

OR do prices mess with your mind?  Read this and wonder with me…


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14 Responses to Do you get what you pay for?

  1. bubston says:

    I could see this happening.  The mind is very strong but yet can be manipulated.  (ibuprofen doesn’t actually stop pain… it goes to the pain center of your brain and convinces it that you are not hurting.  You are still hurting… you just don’t know it..)  I’ve also seen it the other way around with other items.  They buy the cheaper, thinking that they are the same, when you actually get what you pay for with some items.  Medicine has always been overpriced.  It would help if they had a ceiling on it, but they don’t so basically everyone can charge pretty much what they want for it.  (very sad indeed)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Haha!!  Why does that not surprise me.
    I have no problem using generic meds as long as my doc approves of them!

  3. fwren says:

    I’m afraid I am guilty of this ~ I do buy Advil and Tylenol brands instead of the generic ~ and I do think they are more effective ~ aren’t they???

  4. you believe what you WANT to believe and so it be.  Ouch.  I may have been guilty sometimes!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I tend to believe much more strongly in bloggers’ opinions when their pages have fancier wallpaper.  Those plain old boring backgrounds- e.g. orange- just don’t have the same xanga cred.

  6. TLpaints says:

    I can honestly say that the pain of child birth although longer was just a tick less than giving birth to a kidney stone.  In both cases the pain is so traumatic but if kidney stone pain would have lasted as long as having a baby I would have asked to be euthanized… I don’t think my heart could have stood it.

  7. Yes, I have a notion that the “whatever” which is a bit more expensive must be better. 

  8. samcgarber says:

    We would put two different prices on identical fruit or vegetables because some people like choices.

  9. bwebbjr says:

    Perhaps this reveals something a little different that what the authors suggested. 
    Perhaps what it reveals that what we believe (in this instance it just happens to be higher price – higher power) shapes how we respond to our illnesses, pains, trials and tribulations

  10. homefire says:

    @bubston – That is really interesting about ibuprofen–I never knew that!  So why doesn’t it always work, then?  Seems like it should be effective for the most intense pain if that’s how it operates.I think this whole subject is fascinating.  Not only the price thing, but just the fact that there was a lot of pain relief in both groups.  The placebo effect is pretty powerful, and obviously our minds make a huge difference in how we feel!

  11. AngelAware says:

    H*A*P*P*Y  E*A*S*T*E*R
    I pray you and your familly are truely blessed on Easter

  12. BooksForMe says:

    A quilter once shared that the more she raised her prices, the more quilts she sold.  She didn’t change the quilts at all, but a business person advised her to try it and it worked.  Her orders increased as the price increased.  People need to read the Bluedorn’s books!

  13. homefire says:

    @BooksForMe – I’ve been wanting to read their books for years.  So many, many books, and so little funding!     That is so funny about the quilter.  We have some friends who sell organic vegetables, and they have raised their spinach to $20/lb and it’s still selling.  That’s just totally nuts to me, but I guess it’s just giving people what they want, right?

  14. bubston says:

    @homefire – It is fascinating!  As far as the ibuprofen…  my doctor told me to take up to 4 at a time.  This is what they can give you in prescription strength,(600 and 800mg), he said that he could write me a prescription, but ibuprofen is ibuprofen.

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