So if you had a son who was turning thirteen in a couple days, what would YOU get him for his birthday?  Any wonderful ideas from thirteen year old boys or their families and friends?  I am SO blank. 

Most of my children are quick to let me know all their wishes, but not this one.  “Surprise me,” he says.  Yeah, right.  I guess it will surprise him if he gets nothing.    It is a wonderful thing to just be content, but it does make one rather hard to buy gifts for.  Sigh.

ANY ideas?  And it has to be rather budget-friendly, too. 



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6 Responses to WWYD?

  1. My soon-to-be 12 wants Lego Star Wars for the computer (a game) and the British version of Monopoly. 

  2. fwren says:

    digital camera ~ and a book, of course.

  3. homefire says:

    Oh, fwren, I knew you’d recommend a book before I even posted it, LOL!  I even thought about mentioning it.  I know you pretty well.    TP, I am trying to stay away from anything ties up my computer even more than it already is!     A camera, though, is not a half-shabby idea…  hmmm.

  4. aj1965 says:

    A pierced ear would be a surprise!! Har-deee-harr-har!!! JUST KIDDING!!!
    Hey, I like fwren’s idea, too!  Digital cameras are so great for that age… for any age, really!
    p.s. Thanks for playing my game!! I’ll have to think up another one soon!

  5. krb_loves_JC says:

    a new cell phone!!! 😉  now that would surprise him. :):)  i actually think a digital camera is a good idea tho.

  6. Anonymous says:

    When our children turn 13, we allow them to buy anything they want because of reaching the milestone of the teen years.  (Normally, our children have monetary limits.)  Of course, we have to preface this offer with the words, “within reason”.  That being said, our oldest got a ball python (free from someone else), then a guitar for a daughter (free from my Dad), then some skateboard stuff for a son, then gameboys/games for the next two sons.  The digital camera idea does sound good.

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