So-Called Science

What a coincidence.  I feel like I’m being bombarded by global warming material. posted these links, which I found to be fascinating.

And isn’t it odd that I just happen to be reading a book that deals with the exact same topic?  Clive Cussler does a great job with a complicated plot, and the main bad guys in this turn out to be a bunch of environmentalists who are so manic for their cause that they will stop at nothing.  Substantiating their theory is far more important to them than protecting human life.  Great book, btw! 

Reading these things, as well as the Constance Cumbey blog I cited a few days ago,   

is starting to make me believe that global warming is not nonsense at all.  Not that it’s true, but rather than being nonsensical, the politics and agenda behind this enormous hoax are positively scary!

Why do so many intelligent people swallow such tripe?  Have we totally lost our ability to reason?


Hmm.  Reminds me of another issue I’ve wrestled with…

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5 Responses to So-Called Science

  1. I believe there is global warming. I do not believe that anything we do will change the fact that the earth is getting slightly warmer. It’s a system we can’t really change.I believe most of the steps people recommend to stop global warming are good ideas and should be followed, but NOT because they will stop an increase in temperature. They are just good stewardship of the planet and resources.  People in England, even conservative Christians, look at you as if you’ve sprouted antlers when you say that global warming  (as defined by Al Gore) is bunk.

  2. homefire says:

    I think a lot of people do.  People have a tendency to just believe what they hear put out by the media.  Propaganda is an incredibly powerful tool.  I read that there has actually been less than 1 degree of change in average global temperature in the past 100 years, and who knows what it did before that?  Obviously, things have warmed up a bit since the ice age, but not recently.  There are cycles in all of nature, and why people are trying to find something ominous in 7/10 of a degree every hundred years is beyond me. 
    I agree that we should be good stewards of the earth, and that clear-cutting the rainforests is NOT a good thing, but I am convinced that the threat of global warming as it’s been presented to us is a figment of someone’s imagination and an excuse to take away freedoms. 

  3. AngelAware says:

    Its neat how God does that…we will hear about something and at that same time we see the movie or read a book or find it in the Bible and its Gods way of prepareing us for what the world says to us

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did you hear that the world has experienced its coldest winter in 50 years in 2007-2008?  My son said that it even snowed in Baghdad for the first time in memory there.  In addition, around a thousand years ago, Greenland was not covered with snow and ice, which allowed the Vikings to colonize it and call it by the name we know now.  Seems as though the earth was a lot warmer then than now, and everyone seemed to do just fine.
    One of my sisters has tried sending me articles on “green” products that she doesn’t even use herself, but after I mentioned that the term “green” seemed to indicate “expensive” more than anything else, she stopped sending the articles.  Anyone else other than my family have those new light bulbs burn out long before the 5-year-life period was up?  And who keeps those boxes around in order to get their money back?  It’s a scam.

  5. homefire says:

    @waiting_for_the_final_trumpet – 

    LOL!  I have thought the same thing about the light bulbs.  In order to collect on the guarantee, you not only have to keep the box, but you have to write down exactly when you replace the bulb.  Don’t see that happening in my not-particularly-organized household! 
    And yes, in fact I just put up an article about global cooling recently.  Evidently, because of this winter, the environmentalists are now worrying about that, but say that the same precautions will combat it.    A confirmation of my suspicions, I think!
    Btw, I learned in school that the Vikings named it Greenland in order to entice people there, even though the name was inaccurate.  ???  Wonder which is right?  You certainly could be right–it wouldn’t be the only misinformation I was fed in school, that’s for sure!

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