In a Dither

I’m trying to get ready for a 1.5-2 week working vacation.  We’re going down to my parents’ house and remodeling their kitchen while they are still gone for the winter.  So I’ve been trying to figure out what to take, how to cook in a house without a kitchen, and just this evening it dawned on me that I really needed to get all the laundry done before we leave tomorrow.  DUH!  I am NOT feeling particularly organized at the moment. 

Don’t know when I’ll be able to get online, either–no connection at my parents’ house, so this will be an interesting experience.  Just how dependent ARE we on the Internet?    I guess we’ll find out!


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I'm a wonderer. I spend a lot of time mulling, pondering, and cogitating. This is just a place to park some of those thoughts.
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13 Responses to In a Dither

  1. msmarie0106 says:

    Hope everything works out well for you and you don’t run into any problems.  Seems like any time we start one project, something else needs to be done…  We live in an old house and it just always seems to be something to do.It sure sounds wonderful to be doing that for your parents!  How blessed they must be.

  2. fwren says:

    Hey, we need to get together ~

  3. mamaglop says:

    After all that snow, can you even get out of town?  Twenty inches in how many days? 

  4. bubston says:

         The remodel sounds exciting… I love doing things like that.  Do they know that you are doing the remodel or is a surprise?  Either way… hope that all goes well.     It really is hard to go without the internet anymore…  It’s like what it used to be like being without a phone before cellphones!  We’ve grown to be so spoiled with are electronics!  That makes me think… you will have access to a microwave… won’t you?  LOL… see what I mean.     Seriously, hope that trip is safe and productive.  We will miss you and can’t wait to hear how it all went… don’t forget to take pictures!     God bless!

  5. Hey fwren I get to see her too!!!…..I hope
    Homefire, I’ll message you my phone number

  6. Anonymous says:

    Do your parents live beyond the wilderness, or over the edge of the earth? If not, surly there is a library close by. Withdraw is hard on ones system!

  7. Here are the addresses for the local libraries in case you need an internet fix in a hurry. You’d better print this out as a quick reference guide.
    627 South St
    9th & Brown St
    1501 Hartford St
    208 West Columbia (in the ‘Western’ town)
    Btw, does this mean we may see you sometime within the next two weekends at services?

  8. homefire says:

    Yes, we will have a microwave!  I wouldn’t even be considering this without one–LOL!  It shall be interesting! 
    Yes, bubston, they planned it.  (Yikes!   I wouldn’t dare pick out things for them!  )  They have everything there and ready, hopefully!  The new cabinets are sitting in the garage waiting, and everything is out of the old ones.  We just have to hurry and get it done before they get home so they don’t have to live in the mess–at least that’s the idea.  Good idea about the pictures–I hadn’t packed my camera!
    Renee, I’ll be calling! 

  9. homefire says:

    Yes, yes, the nearest library is just down the street, so we can run down there rather easily.  (Those addresses aren’t the closest one, I don’t think, BB!  )  But just in case I’m too lazy to leave the house, I may not show up here much.   
    And yes, we’re planning to be at service this coming Sunday. 

  10. I didn’t figure you’d want the exposure at the ‘local’ library, so I went west one city for your convenience. I suppose south would have also protected your anonymity, tho!
    See you Sunday (unless of course you decide you’d like a place to stay Saturday nite!!)

  11. CHOBLIT says:

    Hello…now that the wedding is over, you are on to the next…how wonderful for your parents…a new kitchen!!

  12. I’ll miss you! Two weeks?   I’d take the camping stove with me.

  13. TLpaints says:

    I hope the project is going well!  Most of my visits home are working vacations… someone always needs something painted when I go back.  Sounds like you guys have a full plate.  Make it home safely!

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