Rain, rain, go away

So I woke up this morning and it was raining.  What is up with that????  Two feet of snow on the ground and all of a sudden it decides to rain????  Sheesh!  It was 32 degrees and freezing on everything of course, so church was cancelled.  So now we have a dreary Sunday to sit around and twiddle our fingers.  Oh, well, it’s starting to melt off now.  Maybe we can do something fun this afternoon.  And those poor overburdened trees are shedding their loads of snow–we were starting to wonder if we’d lose branches, they were sagging so. 

I just looked out the window again and dh is on top of the van shoveling snow.    It is too funny.  Okay, not really shoveling, more like scooping and shoving with his hands and sweeping with a broom, but it still looks fuuny.  I suppose it would have been an awful mess of ice up there if we’d left it.

Edited to add:  Now he is washing the van.  In the rain.  Hey, nothing like a free soft-water rinse, right? 


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6 Responses to Rain, rain, go away

  1. msmarie0106 says:

    Seems as if it’s cold everywhere but here!  It’s been in the high 60’s here all week.  We’re expecting rain this afternoon, possibly some severe weather with it… But it almost seems like spring.  Robins were all over the yard this morning when we left for church.  My daffodils are blooming, hyacinths popping up…. Shouldn’t be winter much longer!  But I would have loved to see your husband washing your van with the snow/rain….  Sounds like my husband.  Has to have the vehicles clean!RYC:   The hearts on that quilt were not pieced.  I just used wonder-under to stabalize them and zig-zagged around them.  I didn’t have a pattern for this quilt.  I did one similar to it a while back but put sashing between the blocks.  I did it mostly in pinks and used a bright pink sashing…. I knew it was for a girl, but didn’t know the sex of the baby for the other one.    I am working on a large quilt now where I am paper-piecing hearts.  I have probably done 35 or 40 8″ squares so far.  I’m using black as the background fabric and scraps for the hearts.  It has really been fun to work on it.  Do you quilt?  I love it!  When my husband is at work, and Daniel is at college, I can always come up with something to work on!Take care!

  2. fwren says:

    You guys have the craziest weather I’ve ever seen ~ had enough of it until summer, thank you very much!

  3. bubston says:

    The weather has been crazy everywhere this year.  We had the a/c on today (in the upper 70’s) and tomorrow night it is to be in the 30’s, ( we will have the heat on again)! Geeez!Sorry to hear that you missed Church, but sounds like your spirit was raised by the view of dh and the van! Have a blessed week.

  4. ShineOn1983 says:

    Bring on the email:) I’ll be looking for it. Where did n and d go for their honeymoon?This is so weird! I’m typing this on dwight’s phone and have no clue how to capitalize on here! Lol!

  5. sunshine1939 says:

    What’s with your crazy weather??????? Our weather here is mixed up to—one day is freezing cold, next day the sun shines and is in the 40’s, next day rain,sleet, wind and snow and then sunny again!!!!! Just thankful it hasn’t been weather like in the south with all the damage.
    Did you happen to take a picture of your hubby on top of the van?  Sure would like to have seen that!!!!

  6. AngelAware says:

    Your so funny I could see the whole thing in my head as your discribeing it  and as I am reading this on Monday……Its snowing again  sheeeesh Ok Ok I give….I wish it was spring now

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