When I woke up this morning, it was Wednesday.  It was Wednesday until I got on the computer and started seeing all the Valentine’s Day wishes in my e-mail, here, and on my PMs.  Then I started wondering…Was it actually Valentine’s Day, or did that many people send their greetings a day early?  Hmmm.  Well, checking the date down in the corner of my computer screen finally convinced me.  I missed a day somewhere.    Oops.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!
Blessings to you, and may you always feel loved.
(and remember, even when you don’t feel it,
you always are!  )

I, for one, have never felt so loved as I have this past week! 


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12 Responses to Alzheimers?

  1. fwren says:

    and a Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!  Have you heard from dd yet?

  2. Hee hee.  You lived an extra day this past weekend, so I’d think you’d think it was Friday.  But, Wednesday?  Aw, you’re great!

  3. bubston says:

    LOL!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. AngelAware says:

    Im so happy you felt sooo loved!! You deserve it Its ok to forget…i do it all the time…LOL My sister actualy bought me a mini chalk board to put around my neck…LOL
    RYC:…. I have my sister who lives in GrandRapids besides her Im just here with my husband and 2 kids. But My friends are my family

  5. ha, I’m not the only one!  I miss a day once in a while too!

  6. BooksForMe says:

    BTW…tomorrow is Friday.  

  7. SpazzyMommy says:

    LUCKY YOU!!! You will get to the weekend sooner than the rest of us!! (LOL!)
    Happy Valentines Day to you too! Your a hoot!

  8. nancyclark says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. Been there and done that.  Once I nearly got into argument with my dear husband insisting that *I* am right!  Imagine my befuddlement after doublechecking calendar, date on computer, and online news/weather for correct day!  Sometimes it is ‘dangerous’ to live without calendar even if you think you don’t need it for a moment!

  10. RYC:  Oh, believe me, it did help that our reception was a month later!   But it was still pretty stressful!   My sister in law helped me ice and decorate the extra cakes, but I did all of the tiered one. 
    And my dress, well, it didn’t turn out as long as I wanted it, and the collar didn’t turn out right and I wanted bridal points on my sleeves, but my hubby and my mom didn’t like that idea.   I did have 24 buttons on it though!    And I cheeted, I didn’t make the buttonholes,  I put snaps on it!    But oh well, it was okay, I only wore the dress twice! 

  11. homefire says:

    @BeryllaBoggyHillocks – At least you got to wear it twice–another advantage of a later reception!  Dd’s dress had about 18 buttons on it, and I thought that was a lot, but I did make the buttonholes for all but the three on each sleeve.

  12. aj1965 says:

    WE WANT PICTURES! WE WANT PICTURES! …. I’m boycotting your site until you post some wedding pictures! ……   Just kidding!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too!! (o.k., so it’s a day late!! That just makes up for your thinking it was Wednesday yesterday!!) 
    How’s the weather treating your side of the state? I haven’t been keeping up with it now that hubby isn’t traveling over there anymore!  We’re sunny, freezing, and packed with snow & ice…. oh, joy!

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