The countdown on our whiteboard is complete.


I tried last night to write a post about the wedding, but the words just wouldn’t come.  Everything I wrote was just so inadequate to express what I was feeling.  I was simply overflowing with all the love that was poured out to us this weekend.  We have the most wonderful friends and family, and it was such a blessing to be surrounded by all of them. 

Would it suffice to say that I am simply on overload and it was all just too beautiful to describe?    Our lovely daughter is married to a wonderful man, we have been blessed beyond words by all the love and support of our friends and family, and I am just SO thankful!  God is good.

And yes, I know–you want pictures.  But that is going to have to wait a bit.  I haven’t even looked at any yet except for fwren’s.  Eventually–have patience!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and shared our celebration, and thank you to all of you who prayed for it.  And to those who got snowed in–I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I have to admit that it was kind of nice for us.    We got to spend a few more hours with you!    And everyone did make it home safely, even if it was a day late.  God is good.


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18 Responses to Afterglow

  1. fwren says:

    Yes, it was truly a wondrous wedding ~ so very glad we were there.  Get some rest now and just enjoy the memories. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad that it was a wonderful experience for all!

  3. krb_loves_JC says:

    it was an  awesome wedding and i loved her song selection, her dress, her colors, her shoes, her flowers… and everything else that i could mention! 🙂  it was definitely worth driving home through a blizzard for. 🙂

  4. Glad it all went well and you had a blessed time with family and friends! 
    Okay, we’ll have patience!   

  5. CaliRosie says:

    …You now have a Married Daughter! 🙂 So glad that everything went well! 🙂

  6. cerwindoris says:

    I am anxious to see your pictures.  I really enjoyed fwren’s. 

  7. ShineOn1983 says:

    Awesome! I’m so glad God blessed you with a wonderful weekend!

  8. BooksForMe says:

    I’m so happy for you!  I can only imagine what it must feel like—no, actually, I can’t.  I take it back. I really cannot imagine what it feels like to see your daughter marry and to have a son-in-law added to your family.  Just can’t imagine!  I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled for you all.  The blizzard sounds like it was a bonus. 🙂  Praise the Lord!

  9. samcgarber says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time of favor : )

  10. ElizabethDNB says:

    Congratulations to all. 

  11. I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how everything went. I figured you were recuperating  I don’t think I ever attended a GB wedding but I surely do miss the baptisms!! Looking forward to hearing more about it


  12. marys_hubby says:

    Congrats to your daughter! I’ll have 3 of those eventually. It can take it’s sweet time getting here though!

    RYC: Yeah…uninformed and clueless describes him perfectly. Haha!

  13. CHOBLIT says:

    Sure thought about you on the 9th!!  Fwren’s pics wet our appetite for more and gave us a peek of the beautiful day you had……I know your feelings, since experiencing the same 2 1/2 years ago……relief, thankfulness, exhausted, thrilled, blessed, amazed, and did I say exhausted? 

  14. RYC:  Thanks for the bread tip.  I might try that next week!So, Frwens post is your wedding?  Sweet!

  15. Yes, that will suffice. God bless you!

  16. seedsower says:

    It is good to rest in accomplishment and feel completed for a while.I love that feeling!

  17. Anonymous says:

    oops! Sorry about that 🙂 Most of the time I read people’s posts on my subscription page- so I forgot that someone might come on and listen right on my real xanga page- who would have thought! Thanks for reminding me, I took the music off for awhile 🙂
    Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding!! How wonderful!
    Happy Valentine’s Day! You are loved with an everlasting love!

  18. sunshine1939 says:

    Sounds like a very beautiful wedding !  The pictures from fwren were lovely. I am sure the snow storm put extra icing on the cake for you. It is wonderfull to have family and friends to share these special times with. Take care!

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